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Waukesha County Directories, 1890 - 1892

Transcribed and Edited by Michael R. Reilly, April 20, 2006

Last Revised 04/20/2006

    Listing individuals with Sussex, Lake Five, Lannon Springs and Merton as residence or PO. Note: Other Lisbon township residents may have had listed residences or PO's of Pewaukee, Duplainville, Marcy, or Menomonee Falls.

Name Occupation
William Powie county surveyor
Richard Weaver vice president
Annie Bahrke  
Frederick Birkholtz laborer
Miss Meta Clasen dressmaker
John Gibson laborer
Miss Christina M Hansen  
Christopher Hansen telegraph operator
Nels Hansen laborer
Hans P Jensen laborer
William Kluender laborer
Rasmus B. Larkey dealer in pumps and windmills and well driller
William E Larkey laborer
Herman Manske laborer
Ralph Nash  
August F Sprender carpet weaver
Edward Adamson renter
Mary Anderson  
John Andrews  
Peter Arnet  
Geo Bates  
John Bates  
Fred Bohrman estate  
James Booth  
Robert Booth  
Ester Boots renter
Henry Boots, estate  
William Bowes, estate  
Fred Brandt  
Henry Brandt  
Edward Brown  
Geo Brown estate  
Geo Brown, Jr  
John Brown  
Thomas A Brown  
Charig Brownell, Jr renter
Alice Buck  
Charles Bushaber  
John Butler  
Thomas Caine  
D R Campbell  
E E Campbell renter
John Campbell, estate  
Thomas Campbell  
Patrick Carbery  
John Carney  
B Cawley; M Cawley  
John Cawley  
Edward Champeny  
T M Champeny renter
Wm Champeny  
John Children  
Frank Clarey  
Charles Cooling  
W L Cooling  
C E Craven  
Richard Craven  
Wm Crouch  
Fred Cuphall  
Andrew Davidson  
Jane S Delany  
E C Dungey renter
John Edwards  
Geo Elliott  
J A Elliott  
John Flanagan  
Robert Frost  
Fred Garretts  
Thomas Gill, Sr  
Gilmour heirs
John Gilmour  
James Gowans  
Geo Greengo  
Richard Greenland  
Isaiah Hardman renter
Alex Harris  
John Hartkoph renter
Odelia Hecker  
Theodore Hecker  
John Hickmott  
Harriet Howard  
Henry W Howard  
Robt Howard renter
Wm Huften, estate  
Wm Hurtegen  
Jacob Ketter  
W N Lannon  
Wm Leadley  
Albert Lees  
Edgar Lees  
Thomas Lees estate  
Chris Lembke  
Edward Lennen  
Anna M Lentz  
Francis Lewis  
Henry Lingelback
William McDowell  
Wm D McGill  
Geo McKerron  
Wm McLaughlin  
E McMernnigal, estate  
J P Matley renter
Chas Messmann renter
August Mindeman  
Charles Mindeman  
Chas Momerow  
James Moyes  
Margaret Newman  
James O'Brien renter
Hugh O'Neil  
James O'Neil  
Margaret O'Neil  
Sophia Pittard  
Andrew Prendergast  
Michael Prendergast  
Thos Price renter
James Quirks  
C F Raisen  
Eveline Raisen  
Job Raisen renter
David Rankin  
Humphrey Rankin  
John Rankin  
Stephen Rankin  
F C Redford renter
Henry Redford  
I S Redford  
Thomas Redford  
T S Redford  
Herman Reising  
Fred Reyer renter
A M Robbins  
Archibald Rodgers  
James Rodgers  
John Rodgers  
Charles A Rose  
Mary Rose  
Aaron Rosier  
Amos Rosier  
Geo Russell  
John Russell, estate  
Charles Schultz  
Joseph Seaborn  
Wm Simpson  
J R Small
Chris Smith  
Jere Smith  
Nels P Sorenson renter
Wm Statz  
Jacob Stier  
Philip Stier  
Herbert Stone  
James Stone  
Stephen Stone  
Wm A Stone renter
D P Tapping renter
Chas Tempero  
David Tempero  
Ellen Tempero, estate  
John A Tempero  
Wm J Tempero renter
Alice Tempest  
Sophia Vick  
Charles Walters, Jr  
Martin Walters  
John Watson  
Edward J Weaver  
F S Weaver renter
John F Weaver renter
Richard Weaver  
Thomas Weaver  
Thomas Weaver, estate  
Wm Weaver, Jr  
Wm Weaver, Sr  
Wm Weaver  
James Welsh  
John Welsh  
Thomas Welsh  
Thomas Whitehead  
A Wildish  
Alfred Wileden  
J W Wilkins  
Wm Wilkins  
James Will  
C E Wintermute renter
Edward Worth renter
Edward Adamson  
Mary Anderson  
John Andrews  
Peter Arnet  
Geo Bates  
John Bates  
James Booth  
Robert Booth
Ester Boots  
Fred Brandt  
Henry Brandt  
E Brown  
Geo Brown, Jr  
John Brown  
Thomas Brown  
C Brownell  
C Bushaber  
John Butler  
T Caine  
D R Campbell  
E E Campbell  
T Campbell  
P Carbery  
J Carney  
John Cawley  
E Champeny  
T M Champeny  
Wm Champeny  
John Children  
F Clarey  
Richard Craven  
Wm Crouch  
F Cuphall  
J S Delany  
John Edwards  
J Flanagan  
Fred Garretts  
T Gill  
P Gillfoyle  
J Gilmour  
J Gowans  
Geo Greengo  
R Creenland  
Alex Harris  
T Hecker  
H W Howard  
Robt Howard  
Wm Hurtegen  
W N Lannon  
Wm Leadley  
A Lees  
E Lees  
C Lembke  
E Lennen  
Anna M Lentz  
H Lingelback
Wm McDowell  
Wm D McGill  
Geo McKerrow  
Wm McLaughlin  
J P Matley  
C Messmann  
A Mindeman  
C Mindeman  
James Moyes  
M Newman  
H O'Neil  
J O'Neil  
A Prendergrast  
M Prendergast  
T Price  
J Quirks  
C F Raisen  
D Rankin  
H Rankin  
J Rankin  
S Rankin  
F C Redford  
H Redford  
I S Redford  
T Redford  
T S Redford  
H Reising  
F Reyer  
A M Robbins  
A Rodgers  
J Rodgers  
John Rodgers  
C A Rose  
A Rosier  
G Russell  
C Schultz  
J Seaborn  
J R Small  
Jeremiah Smith  
N Sorenson  
Wm Stats  
J Stier  
P Stier  
H Stone  
James Stone  
S Stone  
Wm A Stone  
D P Topping  
Chas Tempero  
David Tempero
J A Tempero  
Wm J Tempero  
M Walters  
J Watson  
E Weaver  
F S Weaver  
J F Weaver  
R Weaver  
T Weaver  
W Weaver, Jr  
Wm Weaver, Sr  
J Welsh  
John Welsh  
T Welsh  
T Whitehead  
A Wileden  
J W Wilkins  
J Will  
E Worth

Lake Five Listing

Mary Brady  
Ann Burton  
James Driscoll  
Wm Dunn  
Fred Hutelmeyer  
Charles Kraetsch  
Leonard Meider renter
Margaret Meider  
John Schmidt  
David Sheehan  
John Sheehan  
Fred Staus  
Mary Brady  
Jas Driscoll  
M Dunn  
C Kraetsch  
L Meider  
M Meider  
D Sheehan  
J Sheehan  
J Sinett  
F Staus

Colgate Listing

Christ Duerwaechter  
John H Foster  
Elisabeth Brady  
Wm Brown  
Julius Busse  
James D Butler  
Wm Butler, Jr  
Wm Butler, Sr  
Chris Casper  
Francis Connell  
John J Connell  
Charles Deihl  
Chris Deihl  
Nelson Greengo  
August Holtz  
Geo Jeffery  
H T Jeffery  
John Jeffery  
Wm Jeffery  
Matt Keiley  
Michael Kelly  
Thomas Lilly  
Robert Loss  
Chris Ludwig renter
John McCarten  
Edw McCarten  
Charles Maass  
Jerry Magner  
Nichols Malsack  
Mrs James Maroney  
Alex Melville  
Elizabeth Brady  
Wm Brown  
Julius Busse  
J D Butler  
Wm Butler, Jr  
Wm Butler, Sr  
C Casper  
Francis Connell  
John J Connell  
C Deihl  
N Greengo  
A Holtz  
Geo Jeffery  
H T Jeffery  
John Jeffery  
Wm Jeffery  
M Kelly
T Lilly  
Chris Ludwig  
J McCarten  
E McCarten  
C Maass  
J Magner  
A Melville

Lannon Springs Listing

Carl Kalsse  
Daniel Kennedy  

Merton Listing

Note: Many of these listed were true Town of Merton residents.

Name Occupation
Michael H Harrington clerk
Miss Bell V Merton typewriter
Ernst Merton  
Miss Lillian M Merton  
Timothy E Ryan; Ernst Merton atty's at law at 83 1/2 Main
Timothy E Ryan  
Charles Henrici miller
E C Van Dyck proprietor
J P Schneider proprietor
Annie Ryan domestic at Merton Hotel
John P Schneider proprietor
Edward C. Van Dyck prop
Rod Ainsworth  
Silas Ainsworth  
Henry Anderson  
Gotlieb Bourman  
Jacob Brandt  
Robt Brown  
Robert W Brown  
J Bull renter
Wm Bull  
John Buntrock  
J N Cadby  
Eugene Cafmeyer  
Wm Campbell  
Mrs Caswell  
Sarah Coleman  
Edward Dungey  
Eli Eastman  
Dr Farley  
Fred Fieldhack  
Mrs Elmira Fuller  
E H Fuller  
J M Gavitt, estate  
Joseph Gillett renter
C Grenaus estate  
John Haas, estate  
Geo Haass  
John Haass  
John Haass, Jr  
Peter Haas  
John M Hall  
David Hally  
Jacob Hartling  
P J Hartling  
Ed Heckett, estate  
Wm Heling  
Henry Higgins, estate  
Wm Jacquest  
John Janke  
Peter Jenson  
J Jungbluth  
Mrs Kauffman  
Geo Keyser, estate  
Mrs Mary Knight  
Wm Knight  
Chas McCarthy  
Robert McIntyre renter
Mrs Madson  
John Marquett  
Robt Marshall  
John Mitchall  
Wm E Mitchall  
John Mitchell  
George Moulster renter
John Moulster, estate  
L L Moulster, estate  
A F Norton  
John E Pawlin  
Elisha Pearl  
E B Phillips renter
Henry Phillips  
Miss Eliza Polar  
Albert Pope  
Ole Rasmusson  
T Richmond  
Thos Ringrose  
Joseph Roberts  
Mrs Thos Roe  
John Roesch  
Jacob Schlicher  
John Schlicher  
Jacob Schneider  
Jacob J Schneider  
Peter Schneider  
Philip Schneider  
F Schraudenbach, estate  
Mrs Sedgwick renter
Richard Sedgwick  
Wm Sedgwick  
Andrew Shields  
Martin Shields; James Shields  
Wm Steele, estate  
Richard Tempero  
Henry Tentenbury  
Smith Thompson estate  
V Urban  
A E Van Dyke  
Charles Venter  
James Walsh  
A G Watson  
Charles Weeks  
Frank Whipp  
S L Worth  
Chas Wright  
Peter Wright  
John Yancke  
Andrew Zimmerman  
C W Newberry lawyer
Rod Ainsworth  
Silas Ainsworth  
Henry Anderson  
Wm Barnes  
G Bourman  
Jacob Brandt  
Robert Brown  
R Brown  
J Bull  
Wm Bull  
John Buntrock  
J N Cadby  
E Cafmeyer  
Wm Campbell  
F Fieldhack  
J Gillett  
G Haass  
J Haass  
J Haass, Jr  
P Haas  
J Hall  
D Hally  
J Hartling  
P J Hartling  
Wm Heling  
Wm Jacquest  
John Janke  
J Jungbluth  
W Knight  
Chas McCarthy  
R McIntyre  
J Marquett  
R Marshall  
John Mitchall  
Wm E Mitchall  
John Mitchell  
G Moulster  
A F Norton  
E Pearl  
E B Phillips  
H Phillips  
A Pope  
T Richmond  
T Ringrose  
J Roberts  
J Schlicher  
J Schneider  
J J Schneider  
P Schneider  
R Sedgwick  
Wm Sedgwick  
A Shields  
R Tempero  
H Tentenburg  
A E Van Dyke  
C Venter  
J Walsh  
A G Watson  
C Weeks  
F Whipp  
S L Worth  
C Wright  
J Yancke  
A Zimmerman  


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