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Genealogy Index: Census Index

Compiled and Edited by Michael R. Reilly

Last Revised 11/05/2012

"There are two possible outcomes: if the result confirms the
hypothesis, then you've made a discovery. If the result is contrary
to the hypothesis, then you've made a discovery." Enrico Fermi

1830 FEDERAL CENSUS INDEX, Michigan Territory, Iowa County (now Wisconsin)

Town of Lisbon Population: 1836 to 1999

Click on the underlined Census Year below for more census information.

Census Year Population Comments
1836 0 Thomas Redford, P. Ray, James Hanford, and William Packard wintered in Milwaukee, so no official residents recorded
1837 Note: a 1837 Wisconsin census was never taken
1838 84 18 Head-of-House
1840 116  (19) Male HOH
1842 See Comments 40 Households listed
1846 836 Special census: 459 males, 280 females, 3 "colored" (Note:'s database only lists 37 HOH from Ainsworth thru Chusick)
1850 See under comments 1,036 555 males, 481 females, no "colored", 299 Male HOH listed.

Town of Lisbon 1850 Census / Population A thru M

Town of Lisbon 1850 Census / Population N thru Z

1855 233 Male HOH listed.
1860 Section 1 of 3

1860a Section 2 of 3

1860b Section 3 of 3

1,426 Total
1870 1384
1880 1453
1890 1443
1900 1510
1910 1580
1920 1540  (-40) World War I, and wide-spread influenza disease
1930* 1104 Sussex incorporated as village in 1924  taking 387 individuals. All population numbers here ,and after are for town only. 

Railroad workers living in the 1930 Sussex - Lisbon Area (unfortunately the railway they worked for isn't listed.)  Source 1930 Federal Census

1940 1158
1950 1532
1960 2885
1970 4709
1980 8443
1990 8277
1999 9079 State estimate
2000 9359

*1930 Census lists 1105 individuals living in Town of Lisbon. It is identified as District 14 not including the Village of Sussex. Sussex is listed as Enumeration District 37 (  has 11 pages of census images. To produce an index go to the 1930 Census search page and enter: County - Waukesha, Town- Sussex) 

Village of Sussex Population: 1930 thru 2000

Census Year Population Comments
1930 496 1924 incorporation population was 387, see *1930 note above
2000 8828

Lannon Incorporation Census

Town of Lisbon Irish Born 1850 Population

Town of Lisbon Scottish Born 1850 Population

Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1850 - 1860

Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1870 - 1880

Occupations of Early Town of Lisbon and Village of Sussex Residents: 1900 - 1910

Railroad workers living in the 1930 Sussex - Lisbon Area (unfortunately the railway they worked for isn't listed.)  Source 1930 Federal Census

Waukesha County Directories, 1890 - 1892 -     Listing individuals with Sussex, Lake Five, Lannon Springs and Merton as residence or PO. Note: Other Lisbon township residents may have had listed residences or PO's of Pewaukee, Duplainville, Marcy, or Menomonee Falls.

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