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Genealogy: Cemetery: Index

   St. Dominic's Cemetery 

Located on Lisbon Road between Brookfield Road and Calhoun Road, Brookfield, WI

    Transcribed by Ellen Rohr- and her daughter Rebecca Sept. 2001. If you have any questions please email Ellen-.
ossw means on the same stone with

    Karen Radeck (see contributors page for email information) sent in a list of cemetery burials compiled and researched by Albert H. Schneider. I have incorporated this into my own information gathered from the cemetery. The numbers in [brackets] are the Tombstone numbers. GRD in tombstone number stands for flat on the ground. (either it has fallen or it is designed to be a horizontal stone). If a name is listed in brackets, it means it was found on Research by Albert, but not when I did my walk.

    The contents of this page is used with permission by the original creator Ellen Rohr, Waukesha County GenWeb Coordinator. It is duplicated here to make it easier for you to find your information. For the most complete information on this cemetery please see   Any corrections or additions to this cemetery can be sent to the webmaster below or to the Waukesha County GenWeb coordinator, Ellen Rohr. 

    The rows in this cemetery are somewhat even. I have tried to list the stones that are next to each other as best I can. The rows are listed from East to West.  

Row 1 [listed from North to South (right to left looking west)] 

STUBINSKY: [246A] Daughter/JoAnn/1932-1940, ossw: [246A] Mother/Maria/1894-1986, ossw: [246A] Father/Michael/1890-1976, next to: 

SCHUMACHER: [199B] Louise C. Schumacher/Nov. 24, 1907/June 29, 1985, next to: [199A] Schumacher/Mother/Gertrude/Jan. 28, 1870/Feb. 17, 1951, ossw: [199A] Father/Joseph/Oct. 28, 1869/Mar. 3, 1968, next to: 

STUBINSKY: [200A] Lawrence/1844-1934, ossw: [200A] Mary/1851-1936, ossw: [200A] Anna/1875-1953, 2 L.S. Cornerstones, next to: [201A] Son/John H. Stubinsky/1917-1938, next to: [201A] Stubinsky/Mary/1893-1975, ossw: [201B] John/1885-1972, next to: 

SCHMITT: [202C] Joan Mary Schmitt/July 12, 1934/Oct. 18, 1939, next to: [202B] Harold Schmitt/May 7, 1911/Aug. 29, 1975, next to: [202A] Eliza/July 26, 1914/Apr. 9 1978, at foot of Schmitt stones is: [202D] Joseph/no other information, next to: 

KEHL: [203A] Mother/Kathryn M. Kehl.1882-1940, next to: [203B] Andrew B. Kehl/1872-1947, next to: 

MEHRINGER: [204A] Mehringer/John P./1896-1976, ossw: [204A] Norella C./1901-1971, next to: 

WARN: [205A-GRD] Kathryn M. Warn/Beloved Wife/Nov. 14, 1905/Mar. 8, 1988, next to: [205B-GRD] Wilbur E. Warn/1st Lt. US Army/World War I/July 22, 1890/ Aug. 14, 1983, next to: 

DONAHOE: [206A] Donahoe/Joseph/1864-1956, ossw: [206A] Elizabeth/1866-1940, next to: 

BERENDES: [207A] Mitchell J. Berendes/1961/Baby Shoes on top of stone, next to: 

REISS: [208B] John Reiss/1883-1951, next to: [208A] Elizabeth Reiss/1894-1985, next to: 

AXT: [209A] Axt/George/1890-1956, ossw: [209A] Magdalena/1895-1986, next to: 

GOLNER: [210C] Golner/John/1917-1979/Son & Brother, next to: [210B] Golner/Henry/1877-1957/Father, next to: [210A] Golner/Josephine/1877-1962/Mother, next to: 

GOLNER: [213B] Golner/Leona/May 26, 1919/Mar. 25, 2000/Beloved Wife, ossw: [213B] Stewart/Sept. 15, 1913/Jan. 1, 1999/Beloved Husband, next to: [213A] Stewart Henry Golner/September 15, 1913/January 1, 1999, 

Golner, Leona M. "Dolly", Of Dousman. (Nee Pickhardt), d.  Sat., March 25, 2000, age 80 years. Wife of the late Stewart of 59 years. Mother of Josephine (Dave) Gall, Barbara (ray) Jesinoski, Francine (Robert) Rueden, Georgianna (Werner) Herzog, David Golner, Linda (John) Brewster, Kenneth (Patricia), Henry and Jeffery (Janet) Golner. Sister of Lorraine (Elmer) Mueller and Georgianna (Elmer) Bolter and the late Lester and Ralph Pickhardt. Also her 20 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, nieces, nephews.

next to: 

KOBE: check on this one [214A] Lois Dwyer Kobe/July 6, 1931-Oct. 7, 1978/Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His Hand., next to: 

BLUM: [215A] Vernon G. Blum/Wisconsin S SGT 36 Fighter SQ AAF/World War II/ Dec. 25, 1919/Jan. 15, 1960, next to: Immediately in front of Vernon above is: [215B] Charles John Blum/1952-1997, next to: 

DRAKE: [216B] Germaine Kehl Drake/May 28, 1904/Feb. 5, 1994, next to: [216A] Henry S. Drake/Wisconsin 52 USNR/Aug. 19, 1911/Aug. 30, 1966, Cornerstone Drake, next to: 

MUDLER: [217B] Wife/Alvina Mudler/1905/1968, next to: [217A] Husband/Thomas Mudler/1898/1971, next to: 

SEMROW: [218A-GRD] James William Semrow/Wisconsin Sgt US Army/World War II/Jan. 31, 1922/ Sept. 9, 1973

 Row 2 [listed from South to North (left to right looking west)] 

OKRUHLICA: [184A] Okruhlica/John/1891/1977, ossw: [184A] Anna/1895/1972, next to: 

LONG: [185A] Long/Lillian G./1911/1994, ossw: [185A] Walter B./1906/1949, next to: [186A] Diane Long/1952/blank space, next to: 

STOLL: [187A] Stoll/William/1880-1952, ossw: [187A] Elizabeth/1883-1943, next to: 

SWIFT: [189A] James Swift/1851/1924, next to: [189B] Mary Swift/1842/1924, next to: [189C] Margaret Swift/1848/1923, next to: [189D] John Swift/1853/1916, next to: [189E] Mother/Mary Swift/1816/1895, next to: [189F] Father/James Swift/1814/1885, next to: 

ANDRESEK: [190A] Andresek/Cecila/1911/1941, ossw: [190A] John C./1909/1973, next to: 

CORDIE: [191A] Cordie, ossw: [191A] Father/Peter/1840/1924, ossw: [191A] Mother/Anna/1842/1929, ossw: [191A] Dau./Anna/1879/1890, next to: HUBERTY: [192A] Father/Joseph M. Huberty/July 30, 1875/Nov. 15, 1949, next to: [192B] Mother/Julie Cordie Huberty/Jan. 22, 1877/Apr. 3, 1912, next to: [192C] Daughter/Agnes Huberty/Dec. 15, 1900/May 6, 1902, next to: 

BROWN: [193A] Brown/John/1832-1906, ossw: [193A] Mary/1836-1925, ossw: [193A] Alma/1873-1956, next to: LONG: [194A] James J. Long/Wisconsin PVT US ARMY World War II/Feb. 6, 1904/ Oct. 20, 1970, next to: [194B] Mother/Frances Ellen Long/1874/1936, next to: [194C] Father/Walter J. Long/1875/1962, next to: 

SEMROW: [197A] Semrow, ossw: [197A] John A./1858-1935, ossw: [197A] Albertine/his wife/1859-1920, ossw: [197A] Son/Martin/1891-1917, ossw: [197A] Son/John/1886-1886, ossw: [197A] Son/Joseph/1898-1898, ossw: [197A] Son/Frank/1899-1899, next to: 

LIETZAU: [198] Lietzau Family stone, next to: Footstones: [198D] Amelia/1902-1987, next to: [198C] Fred/1885-1938, next to: [198B] Father/Joseph/1845-1926, next to: [198A] Mother/Julia/1850-1919 

KIRCHER: [247A] Kircher/Husband/Edward H./1889/1960, ossw: [247A] Wife/Helen E./1888/1978, next to: 

JAEGER: [248A] Jaeger/Eva/1894/1968, ossw: [248A] Gustav/1892/1959 Row 3 [listed from North to South (right to left looking west)] 

GROGAN: [162] Grogan Family stone, next to: Footstones: [162A] James B./no other information, next to: [162B] Father/1901/no other information, next to: [162C] Mother/1901/no other information, next to: [162D] Catherine J./no other information, next to: [162E] Lillian E./no other information, next to: [162F] Julia/no other information, next to: 

MCLAUGHLIN: [163H] Mollie McLaughlin/July 26, 1884/Aug. 3, 1940, next to: Base with no stone, next to: [163G] Evelyn/wife of Wm. LIEBAU/Mar. 30, 1904/Jan. 7, 1924, next to: [163F] Elizabeth R. PRICE/1879-1918, next to: [163A] Stella McLaughlin/Sept. 26, 1887/Feb. 24, 1889, next to: [163B] Florence McLaughlin/Sept. 15, 1892/FEb. 15, 1917, next to: [163C] Mother/Mary McLaughlin/Jan. 17, 1854/Dec. 7, 1936, next to: [163D] Father/John McLaughlin/July 10, 1855/July 20, 1929, next to: S

OMERS: Somers Family stone/no other markings, next to:  

CLAREY: [165] Clarey Family stone/no other markings, next to: Footstones: [165D] John/no other information, next to: [165C] Father/no other information, next to: [165B] Mother/no other information, next to: [165A] Fred/no other information, next to: [165E] George/1859-1941 

VOSS: [166B] Voss/Father/Bernard/1858/1883, ossw: [166B] Mother/Ida Voss-Lietzau/1858/1937, next to: Old Stone difficult to read: [166A] One illegible line/Anna M. Voss/Born May 21, 1819/ Died/Aug. 27, 1878 [166A] [Frank Voss/d. 1881] according to cem records/Frank is ossw Anna Above There is a large space in the row 

HAMACHER:(also Hammacher) [172B] Anna M. Hamacher/Died 1897, ossw: [172B] Biek Ruht/IH Herrn/Mathias Hamacher/Gest. 6 April 1879/ Alter 80 Jahre/Ruhe Sanft, next to: [not listed]Minnie Hammacher Steusloff/Died Apr. 29, 1935, next to: 

CLANCY: [173] P. Clancy Family Stone/no other markings, next to: [173B-GRD] In Memory of/Mary M./Only Daughter of Patrick & Margaret Clancy/ Died March 30, 1881/Aged 5 yrs, next to: Footstones: [173F] Michael F. Clancy/1866-1910, next to: [173E] Father/Patrick Clancy/1827-1914, next to: [173D] Mother/Margaret Clancy/1836-1903, next to: [173C] John Clancy/1825-1886, next to: [173B] Mary Clancy/1876-1881, next to: 

CLARKE: [174C-GRD] George Clarke/Died Nov. 23, 1863/Aged 50 Ys 5Ms 18 ds/A native of Bentreashire, Scotland/May his soul rest in peace/addtl. inscription below, next to: [174A] John E. Clarke/1892/1992/Beloved Son Brother Uncle, next to: [174B] Clarke/George L./1850/1934, ossw: [174B] Jennie/1866/1960 Row 4 [listed from Sorth to Nouth (left to right looking west)] 

SWINSKY: [149A] Maria Swinksy/Baby/Geb. 5 Juli 1899/Gest. 28 Aug. 1899 [149A] [Kathryn Swinskey/1988] large space in row 

LEONARD: [157] Leonard Family stone/no other markings, next to: [157A] Emma J./1867-1892, next to: [157B] Margaret E./1871-1872, next to: [157C] Mary Catherine/1858-1864, next to: [157E] Augustine H./1857-1862, next to: [157E] Father/James Leonard/1827-1902, next to: [157F] Mother/Anna M. Leonard/1834-1911, next to: 

SULLIVAN: [158A] Father/Daniel Sullivan/No other inscriptions, next to: [158B] Jerome Sullivan/1873/1918, ossw: [158B] John Sullivan/1858/1877, next to: [158C] Mother/Ellen Sullivan/No other inscriptions, next to: [158D] Daniel Sullivan/1867/1895, next to: [158E] Ellen Sullivan/1865/1895 Space in row 

MEACHER: [160A] In Memory of the Children of J & M Meacher/Julia/James/Marie, ossw: [160A] In Memory of Maggie/wife of James Meagher/Born Nov. 14, 1860/ Died Jan. 28, 1893, next to: 

CLAREY(Cleary on Cemetery records): [161A] Clarey/Genevieve/Clarence, ossw: [161A] Mary/1865-1940, ossw: [161A] Frank/1861-1947 Row 5 [listed from North to South (right to left looking west)] 

ZINSITZ: [128C] Mother/Marie Zinsitz/1855-1928, next to: [128B] Father/Matt Zinsitz/1850-1941, next to: [128A] John Andrew Zinsitz/Wisconsin/Che Pay Clerk US Navy/July 18, 1855/ Brookfield, Wisconsin/June 11, 1955/San Diego, California Large Space in Row 

KUHHAS: [129A] Hier Ruhle/Joseph Kuhhas/Geb. 29 ??? 18??/Ges. 20 Mar. 1886/ Inscription illegible, next to: 

HEBARD: [131B] Hebard/Agnes/no other information, ossw: [131B] Paul Jones/1906/1967, next to: [131A] Hebard/Mother/Lillian M./1871/1955, ossw: [131A] Father/William L./1866/1955 Small space in row 

CLAREY: (also Clary) [132A] Clarey/James/Born 1808/Died 1891, ossw: [132A] Catherine/his wife/Born 1813/Died 1888, next to: 

ROONEY: [133A-GRD] Ornelius Rooney/Died April 14, 186?/E. 59 yrs 8m/A native of the Parish of Dromard Sligo Ireland/May his soul rest in peace Large space in row 

MADDIN: [139A-GRD]Sacred to the memory of James Thomas/son of Jas. & M. Maddin/ Died March 10, 1872/Aged 17y's 7 m's 15 days, next to: 

HACKET: [138A-GRD] Thomas Hacket/Deid Sep. 15, 1852/Aged 50 years, ossw: [138A-GRD] Margaret/wife of Thomas Hacket/Died Sept. 1, 1852/Aged 35 years, next to: Broken stone immediately below Hacket stone: Wife of John Archard/Died June 20, 1854, [Mary] next to: 

MADDIN: [137A-GRD] Mary/wife of Nicholas Maddin/Died May 19, 1851/Aged 67 years/A Native of the parish of Balonbough County/Tipperany,Ireland/ May her soul rest in peace, next to: [137B-GRD] In Memory of Mary/wife of J. Maddin/Died Sept. 19, 1871/Aged 51 yrs/ A native of County Roscommon Ireland/May her soul rest in peace/inscription/Erect. by her husband J. Maddin, next to: Broken stone lying flat, mostly illegible: [138C-GRD] In Memory of Mary/??????/_____mes Madden/Sept. 9, 1871/51 yrs [wife of James Maddin] Row 6-

Note: The rest of the cemetery has not been transcribed.

(Editor's Note: Borrowed from Rootsweb internet site at  Editor's greatgrandparents - John and Albertina Semrow are buried here.)  


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