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Genealogy: Cemetery: Index

Richmond Cemetery

    This cemetery is located in Section 29 of the Town of Lisbon. The cemetery was established circa 1847, but is now inactive. There are less than 50 known burials; the last burial being in 1945. The land was originally Thompson Richmond's, who settled in Lisbon in 1842. He is buried here with his two wives. The cemetery is under the jurisdiction of the Town of Lisbon. There are no known cemetery records. 

On Richmond Road, adjacent to Richmond School, Jct. CTH MD & K Sec. 29

    The contents of this page is used with permission by the original creator Ellen Rohr, Waukesha County GenWeb Coordinator. It is duplicated here to make it easier for you to find your information. For the most complete information on this cemetery please see  Any corrections or additions to this cemetery can be sent to the webmaster below or to the Waukesha County GenWeb coordinator, Ellen Rohr.

AINSWORTH: Arthur/died (as a child)/d. _____1850/son of Silas and Roxanna Ainsworth Everett T./d. 29 Sept 1862/age 9 years 8 mon/son of Silas and Roxanna Ainsworth 

Henry Norton/b. 2 Apr 1839/d. 2 Oct. 1862/Memphis, Tenn/ Member Co. F 1st Wis. Cavalry/son of Silas and Roxanna Ainsworth 

CARPENTER: A.T./b. 1843/d. 5 May 1863/age 20 years/Member Co. F, 28th Wis. Vol. 

COGSWELL: Mary J./wife of D.E./b. 1831/d. 11 Jan 1875 age 44 years 

DAUGHERTY: Preston, Our Darling/son of W.F. & E. W. Daugherty/d. 21 ____ 1866/ age 8 years 3 months Laura, our only daughter/b. 1866/d. 5 June 1872, age 6 years 3 months 

DEAN: David L./b. at Union, Conn./29 July 1854/d. 19 Oct. 1872/ age 18 years 2 months 20 days James L./b. 1 Feb 1857/at Union, Conn./d. 12 Oct. 1873/ age 16 years 8 months 11 days 

FENN: Fredericka/b. 1 Sept 1800/d. 30 July 1882 

FOOTE: David S./b. 1822/d. 9 Feb 1864/age 42 years/broken headstone 

KAYSER: John/b. 1865/d. 20 June 1931/age 66 years 

LEMBCKE: Ludwig/23 Aug 1823/29 Aug 1901 Marta/wife/27 Mar 1827/23 Apr 1913 A.L./No other data/ child of Christ & Annie Lembcke D.L./No other data/ child of Christ & Annie Lembcke O.L./No other data/ child of Christ & Annie Lembcke 

MINDEMAN: Charles/3 May 1939/8 Nov 1913 Mother/(first wife of Charles)/1839-1880 Marie (SCHRUBBE)/(second wife of Charles)/1850/17 May 1913 

MUNGER: _________ - No other data on stone "W.M."/Only initials marked on stone. 

PEESO: Nathan/1780/14 Aug 1857/age 77 yrs POTTER: Silas/14 May 1789/21 June 1871 Esther (RICHMOND)/wife/17 Apr. 1782/6 Oct. 1878 

PRESTON: John A., M.D./born Dec. 28, 1823 at Eastford, Conn./ d. Apr. 19, 1853 at Hartland, Wis. James H./born Aug 4, 1830 at Orient L.I./died Sept 30, 1852 at Hartland, Wis. 1 unmarked grave and one sunken grave 

RICHMOND: Nancy M. (PENNIMAN)/First wife of Thompson Richmond/b. 11 Sept 1820 at Woodstock, Conn./d. 26 Mar 1847 Thompson/son of Michael & Polly (BYLES) Richmond/b. 29 Nov. 1817/ in Windham, Conn/d. 23 Dec 1901/age 84 years 24 days Mrs. Hannah P. (DEAN) Palmer/second wife of Thompson/b. 1 Jan 1815/ at Ashford, Conn/d. 24 June 1895/age 80 years 5 months 23 days 

SMITH: Theodore P./born 23 May 1843 at Homer, N.Y./d. 12 Apr 1860 at Merton, Wis. Little Theo O./(loose marker/no other data) 

STERN: Albert/1877/1 Mar 1838/age 61 years 19 days 

THOMAS: N.S./died 2 Oct. 1856/ 2 (or 5) mos old Several unmarked graves, one with name A.A. Schmitt, Undertaker, Menomonee Falls Updated 7 January 2002

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