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Genealogy: Cemetery: Index

  St. Alban's Episcopal Church

God's Acre Cemetery

Updated - 05/25/2009

   Transcribed and contributed by Judy Balen  Alphabetized and sorted by Ellen- All St. Alban burial records can be found here

They also have been integrated into other cemeteries, including cemetery X. All burials from May 1877 - Dec 1901

    The contents of this page is used with permission by the original creator Ellen Rohr, Waukesha County GenWeb Coordinator. 

It is duplicated here to make it easier for you to find your information. For the most complete information on this cemetery 

please see  Any corrections or additions to this cemetery can be sent to 

the webmaster below or to the Waukesha County GenWeb coordinator Ellen Rohr.

Borrowed from the Rootsweb internet site at to

enable single website genealogical searching)

BurialsÖ.. Name, age, date of death, date of burial, where living at time of death, cause of death,  where buried, and

any extra notes added. In Alphabetical Order

James D./age 81/d. 5 Dec 1882/bur. 7 Dec 1882/Lisbon/old age & injury/St.Albans burial records∑ note ďthis person 
was baptized in Stockett Church: Michaels Patch(?) Long Island

John/age 86/d. 3 Oct 1901/bur. 5 Oct 1901/Sussex/pneumonia/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Susie(?)/age 73/d. 6 Feb 1879/bur. 9 Feb 1879/Sussex/paralysis/St.Albans burial records
Becker, Helen L., (Nee Howard) Found peace Oct. 11, 2000 at the age of 92 years. Beloved wife of the late William. ]
Dear mother of the late Jean Friess.
Albertus Edward/age 2/d. 14 May 1886/bur. 15 May 1886/Sussex/Scarlet fever/St.Albans burial records,
Ellen Eunice (Ottaway)/age 23/d. 27 Apr 1886/bur. 29 Apr 1886/Sussex/--- (?)fever/St.Albans burial records,
Gottlieb Frederic/age 72/d. 10 Mar 1886/bur. 12 Mar 1886/Lisbon/paralysis/St.Albans burial records

Edward/age 84(?)/d. 19 Apr 1895/bur. 23 Apr 1895/Sussex/urinary trouble & age/St.Albans burial records
Mrs. Eleanor/age 72/d. 22 Oct 1880/bur. 26 Oct 1880/Sussex/inflammation of lungs/St.Albans burial records,
Henry Smith/age (no age)/d. 21 Jan 1887/bur. 23 Jan 1887/Sussex/intestinal volubus (?)/St.Albans burial records,
Laura Lucinda (Caine)/age 33/d. (no dod)/bur. 29 Jan 1888/Sussex/childbirth/St. Albans burial records,
Wm. Henry/age 36/d. 15 Dec 1893/bur. 17 Dec 1893/Templeton/loss of arm in elevator/St. Albans burial records

Mrs. Clara Heath (Stone)/age 30/d. 22 Apr 1897/bur. 24 Apr 1897/Waukesha/consumption/St. Albans burial records,
Earl William/age 3/d. 14 Feb 1898/bur. 16 Feb 1898/Lisbon/consumption/St. Albans burial records

George Brown Family Monument
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
George and Eleanor Brown Monument
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Esther A. and Catherine Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Mary, wife of Alfred Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker

Alice Maria/age 19/d. 24 Aug 1887/bur. 27 Aug 1887/Lisbon/consumption/St. Albans burial records,

Frederick Nortin (?)/age 28/d. 25 Feb 1888/bur. 27 Feb 1888/Lisbon/consumption/St. Albans burial records,

Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker

Catherine Eleanor/age (no age)/d. 9 Jul 1891/bur. 12 Jul 1891/Sussex/pulmonary -?-/St. Albans burial records,
Clara Belle/age 9mo/d. 5 Jan 1900/bur. 9 Jan 1900.. Sussex.. bronchitis/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. El--?-/age 53/d. 6 Jun 1891/bur. 8 Jun 1891/Lisbon/hemorrhage of lungs(?)/St. Albans burial records,
Esther Ann/age 26/d. 22 Dec 1890/bur. 27 Dec 1890/Lisbon/consumption/St. Albans burial records,
George (Sr.)/age 77/d. 20 Mar 1884/bur. 23 Mar 1884/ N. Lisbon/disease of the heart/St. Albans burial records,
Lucretia Bell (infant dau. of Robert Brown(?) Jr.)/age 9wks/d. 5 Jan 1883/bur. 7 Jan 1883/Lisbon/died 
unbaptized/St. Albans burial records,

Mrs. Lucretia/age 66/d. 6 Dec 1884/bur. 9 Dec 1884/Waukesha/cancer of stomach/St. Albans burial records.

Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Robert and Lucretia Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker


Edgar H. and Annie E. Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Luella B. Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Mary L. and Bessie W. Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Alvin and Augusta Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Robert W. and Mary Agnes Brown
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Robert Brown 1821
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Joseph/age 32/d. 6 Mar 1889/bur. 8 mar 1889/Sussex/--?-bilious fever/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. Margt/age 54/d. 25 May 1877/bur. 27 May 1877/Sussex/Consumption/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. Mary (Brown)/age 51/d. 21 Apr 1898/bur. 24 Apr 1898/Sussex/gastro enteretis (?)/St. Albans burial records

Everett Benjamin/age 6mo/d. 23 Jan 1896/bur. 25 Jan 1896/Lisbon/convulsions/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. Mary (Wilson)/age 55/d. 5 Jul 1897/bur. 7 Jul 1897/Lisbon/murdered by husband/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. Sarah/age 80.. 1 May 1881/bur. 3 May 1881/Sixteen/consumption/St. Albans burial records,
Infant (female child of John A Butler)/age 1day/d. 26 Aug 1897/bur. 26 Aug 1897/N. Lisbon/injury at birth/St.Albans burial records,
Infant (infant of Andrew and Ida Butler)/age 8days/d. 4 Feb 1897/bur. 4 Feb 1897/Sussex/injured at birth/St.Albans burial records

Mrs. Almira Jones (Heath)/age 76(?)/d. 9 Jan 1897/bur. 12 Jan 1897/Milwaukee/paralysis and Heart failure/St.Albans burial records,
Charles Henry/age 31/d. (no dod)/bur. 30 Mar 1888/Milwaukee/Typhoid fever/St.Albans burial records,
Charles Henry/age 2/d. 15 Nov 1890/bur. 19 Nov 1890/ Milwaukee/diphtheria/St.Albans burial records,
Thomas/age 71/d. 28 Mar 1893/bur. 30 Mar 1893/Templeton(?)/creeping paralysis/St.Albans burial records

Thomas/age 80/d. 5 Oct 1899/d. 8 Oct 1899/bur. Sussex/gastritis/St. Albans burial records

Edward/age 75/d. 7 Sep 1891/bur. 12 Sep 1891/Sussex/grippe & old age/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. Elizabeth/age 79/d. 28 May 1886/bur. 31 May 1886/Lisbon/inj. to hip old age/St. Albans burial records,
Mrs. Elizabeth (Martin)/age 74/d. 27 Dec 1898/bur. 2 Jan 1899/Milwaukee/pneumonia/St. Albans burial records,
Tiley/age 5days/d. 9 Aug 1889/bur. 11 Aug 1889/Sussex/(no cause)/St. Albans burial records,
William/age 83/d. 29 Jan 1897/bur. 1 Feb 1897/Sussex/old age & kidney trouble/St. Albans burial records

Albert (infant son of Nils and Anna Christen or Christensen)/age 7wks/d. 27 Aug 1886/bur. 29 Aug 1886/N. 
Lisbon/cholera/St.Albans burial records
Charles/age 79/d. 13 Apr 1897/bur. 15 Apr 1897/Sussex/old age & stomach trouble/St. Albans burial records,
Richard./age 67(?)/d. 29 Apr 1881/bur. 1 May 1881/Sussex./consumption/St. Albans burial records,
Ruth Maria (Weaver)/age 27/d. 20 Sep 1883/bur. 22 Sep 1883/Sussex/(no cause)/St. Albans burial records

James/age 62/d. 13 Aug 1885/bur. 15 Aug 1885/Lisbon/consumption/St. Albans burial records,
Miss Mary/age (no age)/d. 9 Aug 1886/bur. 10 Aug 1886/Lisbon/consumption/?-dropsy/St. Albans burial records,
Thomas/age 77/d. 15 Jul 1893/bur. 18 Jul 1893/Plank Rd/old age/St. Albans burial records

Emma Mary/age 17wks(?)/d. 19 Oct 1877/bur. 20 Oct 1877/Rio/pneumonia/St. Albans burial record
Mrs. Ellen/age (no age)/d. 7 Sep 1883/bur. 11 Sep 1883/Lisbon/inflammation bowels/St. Albans burial records,
Henry (Sr.)/age 80/d. 5 May 1881/bur. 8 May 1881/Sussex/inflammation bowels/St. Albans burial records,
(infant)/age 3wks/d. 20 Sep 1877/bur. 23 Sep 1877/Sussex/died unbaptised/St. Albans burial records

Mrs. Caroline (Fielder)/age (no age)/d. 29 Dec 1886/bur. 2 Jan 1887/Lisbon/cancer breast/St. Albans burial records,
George/age 66/d. 26 Feb 1892/bur. 28 Feb 1892/Sussex/dropsy of the heart/St. Albans burial records,
George (2nd)/age 58/d. 11 May 1898/bur. 13 1898/Sussex/suicide by hanging./St. Albans burial records,
Henry/age 45/d. 8 Apr 1883/bur. 10 Apr 1883/Sparta/inflammation of bowels/St.  Albans burial records,
Rebecca Sarah/age 27/d. 9 Feb 1898/bur. 11 Feb 1898/Sussex/a surgeonís blunder/St. Albans burial records

Richard/age 67/d. 18 Jul1897/bur. 21 Jul 1897/St. Louis, Mo/Cerebral apoplexy/St. Albans burial records

Hannah W. Brown Fear
Photo courtesy Charmaine Becker
Lily Movella/age 6wks/d. 21 Jun 1885/bur. 23 Jun 1885/(canít read.. (canít read)/St. Albans burial records

Mrs. Emily (Weaver)/age 55/d. 21 Feb 1897/bur. 23 Feb 1897/Sussex/dropsy/St. Albans burial records

Infant (infant  child of Albert and Mary Edith(?) Fuller)/age 3hrs/d. 3 Aug 1889/bur. 4 Aug 1889/Merton/
(no cause)/St.Albans burial records

Gentz, Isabel Katherine, d. May 1, 2001. Daughter of Paul (Kelly) Gentz. Sister of Natalie Rose Gentz. 
Granddaughter of Robert (Coral) Hoag and Harold (Vivian) Gentz. Also survived by many caring aunts, uncles, 
cousins, and other relatives. 
Mrs. Margt/age 35/d. 3 Feb 1886/bur. 7 Feb 1886/Waukesha/consumption/St. Albans burial records

Mrs. Mary C./age 80/d. 23 Oct 1880/bur. 25 Oct 1880/Sixteen/inflammation bowels/St. Albans burial records

Mrs. Mary Ann (Brooks)/age 45/d. 11 Jan 1891/bur. 14 Jan 1891/Sussex/Renal abcess/St. Albans burial records

Photograph courtesy: Charmaine Becker April 7, 2009

Photograph courtesy: Charmaine Becker April 7, 2009

Photograph courtesy: Charmaine Becker April 7, 2009

Photograph courtesy: Charmaine Becker April 7, 2009

Photograph courtesy: Charmaine Becker April 7, 2009

HARRISON(?) Mrs. Hannah /age 96/d. 3 Jan 1889/bur. 5 Jan 1889/(canít read)/old age/St.Albans burial records

John/age 83/d. 16 Feb 1898/bur. 18 Feb 1898/Sussex/asthenia(?)/St.Albans burial records

George Wm/age 57/d. 12 Dec 1892/bur. 18 Dec 1892/Soldiers Home, Monches(?)/Exhaustion for chronic --?--/St.Albans burial records

John Charles/age 12/d. ( no dates other than May 1884)/Lisbon/epilepsy/St.Albans burial records

Mrs. Harriett (Stevens)/age 65/d. 23 Jan 1892/bur. 26 Jan 1892/Lisbon/heart trouble/St.Albans burial records
Howard, Hazel M., (Nee Olson ) Sun., May 6, 2001, age 92 years, of Menasha, formerly of Milwaukee. 
Wife of the late Robert M. Howard. Mother of Dennis R. (Marcie) Howard. Grandma of Ryan, Katie and Adam. 
Further survived by sister-in-law, Dorothy Westerback of Gladstone, MI, nieces, nephews, other relatives . 
Preceded in death by her sisters, Linnea Johnson, Norma Stoffl, Grace Tutaj and Jeannette Lane and a brother, Carl Westerback. 
Knapp, Virginia Lee, (Nee Kling ). Of South Milwaukee. d.  on May 17, 2001, at the age of 79 years. Mother of 
David L. Knapp, Patricia R. (Brian) Dunn and Michael M. (Michele) Knapp. Grandma of Molly, Alex, Elliot, Evon, Randy, 
Heidi and the late Joe. Sister of Calvin, Kenneth, Shirley, Ronald, Randal and the late Leonard. 
Mrs. Ann/age 70/d. 22 Feb 1880/bur. 24 Feb 1880/Sussex/consumption/St.Albans burial records

Frederic William/age 27/d. 1 Feb 1890/bur. 3 Feb 1890/Waukesha/consumption/St.Albans burial records

Esther Mary/age 2mo/d. 9 May 1898/bur. 11 May 1898/Sussex/spina bifida/St.Albans burial records,
William/age 68/d. 11 Mar 1880/bur. 13 Mar 1880/Sussex/Rheumatism of heart/St.Albans burial records,
William/age 45/d. 14 Oct 1882/bur. 17 Oct 1882/N. Lisbon/heart disease/St.Albans burial records,
(canít read)/age 18/d. 13 Feb 1884/bur. 16 Feb 1884/Lisbon/consumption/St.Albans burial records

Mrs. Jane (Scales?)/age 75/d. 20 Jan 1899/bur. 23 Jan 1899/Brookfield/paralysis/St.Albans burial records

Mrs. Elizabeth/age (no age)/bur. 13 Dec 1901..15 Dec 1901/Lisbon/pneumonia/St.Albans burial records

Nick, George R. "Bob", Age 78 years, of Sussex. Mon., May 22, 2000 on his 56th wedding anniversary. 
Husband of Erla Mae (nee Grenwis). 
Father of Sue Anne (Jack) Hollenstein, Bobbie Lynn (Michael) Voss and George Randolph (Carla) Nick. 
Brother of Karen (Orin) Bourdo. Further survived by 5 grandchildren, 2 great-grandchildren, other relatives and friends.  
George was a US Marine Corps veteran, serving proudly in the 1st Marine Division at Guadalcanal during WW II. 
He was also a member of Horne-Mudlitz VFW Post #6377 in Sussex and the Stenz Griesell Smith American Legion Post #449 in Elm Grove. 
Mrs. Elizabeth/age 58/d. 4 Jul 1885/bur. 6 Jul 1885/Sussex/(canít read)/St.Albans burial records

Mary/age 82/d. 30 Jan 1883/bur. 3 Feb 1883/Lisbon/old age/St.Albans burial records

Thomas/age 86/d. 23 Dec 1884/bur. 26 Dec 1884/St. Paul, MN/old age/St.Albans burial records

Eugene/age 6wks.. 21 Sep 1881/bur. 24 Sep 1881/Pewaukee/died unbaptized/St.Albans burial records

Joseph/age 77/d. (no dod)/bur. 10 Dec 1888/(faded canít read)/(no cause)/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Sophia/age 78/d. 29 Jan 1894/bur. 1 Feb 1894/Sussex/old age & kidney trouble/St.Albans burial records

Charles/age 38/d. 30 Apr 1891/bur. 1 May 1891/Sussex/(no cause)/St.Albans burial records

Richard/age 82/d. 19 Feb 1882/bur. 22 Feb 1882/Sussex/old age consumption dropsy/St.Albans burial records

Charles/age 67/d. 3 May 1885/bur. 7 May 1885/Sussex/heart disease /St.Albans burial records,
Etta Ann/age 2(?)/d. ? Mar 1886/bur. 8 Mar 1886/Lacrosse(?)/rheumatic fever/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Hannah (Rolfe)/age 78/d. 22 Jan 1892/bur. 24 Jan 1892/Sussex/old age/St.Albans burial records,
James/age 77/d. 10 Sep 1882/bur. 12 Sep 1882/Sussex/dropsy/St.Albans burial records,
John/age 74/d. 6 Jan 1883/bur. 8 Jan 1883/Sussex/pneumonia/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Lydia (Weaver)/age 54/d. 2 Dec 1896/bur. 5 Dec 1896/ Cambria(?)/(no cause)/St.Albans burial records

William George (infant son of John R. & Ida J. Small)/age 6wks(?)/d. 27 Oct 1883/bur. 29 Oct 1883/Lisbon/hydrocephalus/
St.Albans burial records

Ruth Lelia /age 8/d. 17 May 1880/bur. 20 May 1880/Sixteen/congestion of brain/St.Albans burial records,
Daniel/age 40/d. 22 Aug 1899/d. 25 Aug 1899/bur. Lisbon/injury by fall/St.Albans burial records

(brewer)/age 42/d. 11 Mar 1880/bur. 12 Mar 1880/(no location)/inflamation/St.Albans burial records
Stier, Marilee (Nee Babinac) Formerly of Sussex. April 22, 2008, age 93 years. Beloved wife of the late Robert. Loving mother of 
Jacqueline Jenerette, John, Bettejane and the late Susan Forbes. Fond grandmother of Anthony (Debbie) and Kirk Forbes. 
Dear great - grandmother of Alexander and Jessica Forbes. Special friend of Barbara Lembke. Further survived by other relatives 
and friends Memorial service Thurs., April 24, at 5PM, AT THE FUNERAL HOME. Burial St. Alban's Church Cemetery. 
The family will greet friends Thursday 4PM until time of Service. Memorials to the Alzheimer's Assoc. appreciated. 
SCHMIDT & BARTELT A.A. Schmidt & Sons Funeral and Cremation Service W250 N6505 Hwy 164 Sussex 262-246-4774 
Elizabeth Stanley (Lilly/age 60/d. 23 Aug 1889/bur. 25 Aug 1889/Lisbon/blood poison/St.Albans burial records,
Evaline Frances/age 24/d. 8 Oct 1888/bur. 10 Oct 1888/(canít read)/consumption/St.Albans burial records,
Everett Stephen/age 20/d. 30 May 1887/bur. 2 Jun 1887/Lisbon/--?-abscess/ blood poison/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Jane/age (no age)/d. 14 Mar 1884/bur. 16 Mar 1884/Insane Asylum Oshkosh/(no cause)/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Lucy(?)(Fielder)/age 83/d. 19 Feb 1887/bur. 22 Feb 1887/Lisbon/old age/St.Albans burial records,
Stephen/age 77/d. 19 Jun(?) 1895/bur. 21 Jun 1895/Lisbon/urinary trouble & heart dis/St.Albans burial records

Cora Maria/age 1yr/d. 13 May 1897/bur. 16 May 1897/Sussex/pneumonia/St.Albans burial records,
Sarah Emilie/age (canít read age)/d. 3 Apr 1895/bur. 5 Apr 1895/Lisbon/Dropsy/St.Albans burial records

Mrs. Grace/age 83/d. 20 Jan 1894/bur. 23 Jan 1894/Sun Prairie, Dane Co/Old age & la grippe/St.Albans burial records,
John/age 92/d. 4 Mar 1891/bur. 6 Mar 1891/Sun Prairie/old age/St.Albans grave yard

George/age (no age)/d. 8 Jul 1891/bur. 18 Jul 1891/Chicago, Ill/paralysis/St.Albans burial records
Mrs. Maria (Phelps)/age 68/d. 19 Aug 1890/bur. 20 Aug 1890/Chicago, Ill/cancer/St.Albans burial record

George Frederic/age 44/d. 15 Mar 1883/bur. 17 Jun 1883/British America/cancer tongue/St.Albans burial records

Wilkinson/age 68/d. 16 Aug 1881/bur. 17 Aug 1881/Sussex/Dropsy/St.Albans burial records

Alfred Sherman/age 17/d. 21 Dec 1881/bur. 24 Dec 1881/Lisbon/inflamation heart/St.Albans burial records,
Daniel John/age 55/d. 28 Jan 1894/bur. 31 Jan 1894/Merton/burnt while intoxicated/St.Albans burial records,
Edward/age 61/d. 29 Nov 1897/bur. 1 Dec 1897/Waukesha/apoplexy/St.Albans burial records,
James/age 86/d. 8 Oct 1886/bur. 10 Oct 1886/Sussex/old age/St.Albans burial records/also in Holy Innocent Burial Records,
John/age 76/d. 25 Mar 1881/bur. 30 Mar 1881/Darlington/paralysis/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Mary/age 92/d. 30 Apr 1891/bur. 3 May 1891.. Sussex.. old age /St.Albans burial records,
Mary Ann/age 41/d. 11 Feb 1895/bur. 13 Feb 1895/Walworth Co(?)/Epileptic fits/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Mary Grace(?) (Davis)/age 52/d. 10 May 1890/bur. 12 May 1890/Sussex/paralysis/brain/St.Albans burial records,
Mrs. Melinda/age (no age)/d. 17 Oct 1886/bur. 19 Oct 1886/Sussex (Sixteen)/dropsy heart/St.Albans burial records,
Thomas/age 62/d. 25 Jul 1885/bur. 28 Jul 1885/Lisbon/tumor in stomach/St.Albans burial records,
William (Sr.)/age 93/d. 26 Jul 1896/bur. 30 Jul 1896/Sussex/old age/St.Albans burial records

Sophie Ruth/age 10days/d. 7 Jan 1900/bur. 8 Jan 1900/Waukesha/inanition(?)/St.Albans burial records
Mrs. Susan P./age 73/d. 24 Dec 1884/bur. 27 Dec 1884/Waukesha/senile ----- (?)/St.Albans burial records

Edward/age 1yr 7mo/d. 28 Apr 1897/bur. 1 May 1897/Pewaukee/teething spasms/St.Albans burial records
John/age (no age)/d. 30 Jul 1891/bur. 2 Aug 1891/Pewaukee/cancer/St.Albans burial records
John/age 4days/d. 15 Aug 1894/bur. 18 Aug 1894/Pewaukee/complications of disease/St.Albans burial records
Mrs. Mildred/age 60/d. 29 Jul 1879/bur. 31 Jul 1879/Pewaukee/Dropsy/St.Albans burial records

Updated 4 Nov. 2001 by EMR; Recent obituaries with burials in God's Acre; Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Sussex Sun files. Added by webmaster/Editor Mike Reilly. Photos added by Editor; courtesy of Charmaine Becker, SLAHS Volunteer/Supporter.

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