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Genealogy: Cemetery: Index

German Evangelical Zion Church/Redeemer United Church of Christ Cemetery - Partial

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(Editor's Note: Borrowed from Rootsweb internet site at to enable single website genealogical search)

    Transcribed by Ellen- and her Daughter Rebecca October 13, 2001
Located about 3 blocks North of St. Alban's Church on Maple Avenue in the Village of Sussex.

    This cemetery seems to be still active, although there have been no burials since the 1996. Many of the plots have sunk and the tomb is appearing above ground. Established in 1890. The first burial was on March 31, 1890, that of Lillie Alma Walter, daughter of Franz Walter and Caroline Brandt. This stone no longer exists. The oldest stone remaining is that of Louis Schroeder 1891.

    The church (Zion Evangelical Church aka German Evangelical Zion Church) was organized October 25, 1888. The church was completed in 1889. The parish was then served by the pastors from Brookfield and Menomonee Falls. From 1890-1898 it was served by pastors from Merton. In January, 1890, August Mindemann gave the congregation 1/4 acre of land for use as a burial ground. In 1917, the church got its first resident pastor. In the first 50 years of the church (1888-1838) there were ten pastors in the church. 103 funerals were performed during that time. The church merged with the Salem Reformed Church of Pewaukee in 1868. Together they formed the Redeemer United Church of Christ.

    This listing is from the back of the cemetery to the front. An alphabetical listing of burials can be found here.

Row 1 From South to North

Pauline Brandt/wife of/Geo. Henn/1868-1913

Erwin Schroeder/1898-1925, next to:
Louis/May 5, 18??/Apr. 18, 1891/Husband, next to:
Minnie/Feb. 12, 1887/Sept. 11, 1913/Sister, next to:
Schroeder Family Stone (no data), next to:
Albert/June 30, 1894/Feb. 21, 1918/Brother, next to:
Father/Carl Schroeder/June 14, 1859-Aug. 1, 1925, next to:
Henrietta/Sep. 29, 1863/Apr. 21, 1912/Mother

Paul H.A. RIEWE/1924-1961

Row 2 from North to South

Paul A. 1898-1979, ossw:
Elizabeth/1901-1975, ossw:
Married Nov. 29, 1923, next to:
Mother Footstone, next to:
Riewe/Father/Albert/Mar. 17, 1862/Jan. 18, 1929, ossw:
Mother/Emilie/Nov. 17, 1861/Aug. 14, 1923, next to:
Father Footstone

G. Vater/Jakob/1 Nov. 1815/27 Juli 1903, next to:
Mutter (no data), next to:
Vater (no data), next to:
Stier/Anna M. Stier/17 Oct. 1849/19 Juni 1908, ossw:
Jacob Stier/27 Juni 1847/27 Aug 1933

Vater/Konrad Marx/1838-1904, next to:
Mutter/Anna Maria Karl/1842-1920, next to:
Daughter/Anna M. Marx/1892-1957

Unverrich/Father/Nicholas/1869-1945, ossw:
Mother/Maria/1872-1953, ossw:
Son/Theodore/1910-1927, ossw:

Row 3 North to South

Grandmother/Sophia Gebert/1828-1906, next to:
Grandfather/Frederick Gebert/1833-1922

Schmidt Family Stone (no data), next to:
Son/William Schmidt/1882-1900, next to:
Father/Christian Schmidt/1851-1923, next to:
Mother/Fredricka Schmidt/1855-1936

Hier Runtin Gott/Carl Friedrich Sommer/Geb 2 Juli 1822/
	Gest 25 April 1898, next to:

Emilie Miller/1871-1952, next to:

George R. Zanders/1892-1936, next to:

Fred Miller/1861-1935 (tombstone partial buried), next to:
Helen C. Miller/1917-1919, next to:

Zanders/Johan Zanders/GEb 24 Sept. 1862/Gest 28 Marz 1898/illeg. inscription

Large space in row

Frances Koepke/wife of Edw. Radema/1895-1918/At Rest

Row 4 South to North

Manke/Elizabeth M./1876-1956, ossw:
August F./1875-1964

Gerhardt/Here lies little son of Carl & Bertha Kirchhoff/Apr. 23, 1912/
	Nov. 5, 1917/Buried on earth to be born again in heaven, next to:
Kirchhoff/Bertha/1891-1993, ossw:
Carl F./1887-1965

Space in Row

2 A. A. Schmidt cemetery markers
Severa H. Luczak/1913-1987, next to:
Frank W. Luczak/1907-1980, next to:

Siewert/Son William (no data), ossw:
Infant Clinton (no data), ossw:
Albertina/1864-1942, ossw:
Wilhelm/1862-1944, ossw:
(these listed on back of stone)
Emma Mueller/1881-1963, ossw:
Francis Luczak/1907-1980, ossw:
Serva Luczak/1913-1987

Space in Row

Charles Brushaber/1864-1897


Brushaber/George W./1889-1965, ossw:

Mamerow/Father/Carl F./Sept. 18, 1856/June 24, 1937, ossw:
Mother/Minnie J./May 4, 1859/SEpt. 24, 1939

Space in row

Flitsch/Walter/1929-1975, ossw:
Sieglinde/1930-___, ossw:
Together Forever

Row 5 North to South
Albrecht Family Stone (no data), next to:
Albrecht/Bertha/1874-1938, ossw:
John D. 1870-1928, next to:

Father (no data)
Stier/Philip Stier/Jan 26, 1842/Oct. 8, 1903, ossw:
Mary/his wife/Aug 26, 1841/Mar 18, 1902
(on Back)
Carrie/Nov 14, 1879/June 9, 1896, next to:
lying flat on ground
Carrie (no data) on top of
Mother (no data)

Catte/Louis Meyer/Geb 17, Nov 1861/Gest 12 Juni 1904/Ruhe in Frieden, next to:

Albrecht family stone (no data), next to:

(fallen) Susanna Hornig/Gattin von Valentin Marx/1870-1911, next to
(base no stone), next to:
(fallen)Vater/Valentin Marx/1866-1943

(behind the Meyer/Albrecht/Marx stones above is a large Albrecht stone.
This stone's base appears to be in the next row.)
John Albrecht/Apr 18, 1832/Apr 10, 1916, ossw:
Lotta Albrecht/Aug 24, 1832/Aug 14, 1893

small space in row

Ruhe Ganft/Sohn/Philipp, next to:
Ph. F. Hornig/Geb. in Altripp, Deutschland/1819-1896, ossw:
Ludwig Hornig/1843-1911, ossw:
Margaretha Hornig/geb Eisenhauer, Neuhoffen/1854-1935, ossw:
Ph. Hornig/1867-1918, next to:
Vater, next to:
Phillip F. Horning/1819-1996/inscription illeg.

Space in Row

Infant of E. Gastrau/1917

Catte Une Vater/Max Lieschke/1887-1919

Meier/Dorothy/1849-1925, ossw:

Inf son of H.S.E. Becker (no data)

Row 6 South to North

Father/Jacob Miller/FEb 9, 1855/July 8, 1918, next to:

Carl Schultz/1831-1913

Father Footstone, next to:
Mamerow/Karl Mamerow Sr./Geb Den 28 Oct 1827/Gest Den 28 Nov 1912, ossw:
Sophia/Wife of Karl Mamerow Sr./Geb Den 27 July 1833/Gest Den 18 Oct 1907
	next to:
Mother Footstone, next to:
Herman Mamerow/Infant/Sept 18, 1918

Minna/Gattin Von/C.J. Walter/Gest. 29 Mar 1892/Alter 27 Jahre
Small stone behind large monument above
Herbert/son of Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Walter/Mar. 26, 1897/May 21, 1898

Mother (no data), next to:
Father (no data), next to:
Empty Base (I think this is the base from Albrecht found in previous row), next to:
George Albrecht/born Feb. 19,1895/died March 8, 1896

Father (no data), next to:
Mamerow/William Mamerow/Oct. 31, 1860/Apr 13, 1938, ossw:
His wife/Fredericka Albrecht/Oct. 23, 1858/Mar 1, 1917, next to:
Kind von/Wm. & R. Mamerow/Gest 16 Feb 1894

Daughter/Eva Marie Stier/1912-1928, next to:
Husband/John P. Stier/1884-1936, next to:
Wife/Emma Stier/1886-1982 

Row 7 North to South
Grandmother/Elizabeth/1819-1892, next to:
Daugther/Sophia/Mar 21, 1893/Jan. 31, 1898, next to
KOLLMORGAN family stone, next to:
Father/Frederick/Apr 3, 1852/Feb 5, 1911, next to:
Mother/Sophia/Aug 20, 1860/Aug 10, 1892

Schroeder/Father/Louis/1864-1949, ossw:

August J. Mindemann/Geb 25 Dec 1842/Gest 23 Feb 1911, ossw:
Wilhelmine Mindemann/Geb 30 Aug 1845/Gest 19 Nov 1904, next to:
Vater (no data, German inscription illegible), next to:
Mutter (no data, German inscription illegible), next to:
Johann/Harrman/Geb Den 16 Nov 1812/Gest Den 28 July 1893/Alter 80 Jahre 3Mo 16 Tage/German inscription

space in row

Margaret Schultz/1843-1906

Herman Moede/Born Dec 2, 1867/Died Apr 30, 1902, next to:

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