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Tin Collecting Reference Materials

by Mike Reilly, October 27, 2012

10/27/2012 Updated

    * Denotes books in Tin Museum reference department. Unless otherwise noted (hc) all books are paperback. **Denotes (2) copies

*The Beer Tray Guide, Vol.1., by Alan J. Alcorn & Paul F. Burden, 1979, 48 pgs, $5.95

*Pictorial Price Guide to Metal Lunch Boxes & Thermoses, Over 500 Lunch Boxes Pictured and Priced, by Larry Aikins, c. 1992, 3rd printing 1996, revised 1996, pub'd by L-W Book Sales, ISBN 0-89538-007-2, 217 pgs, $19.95.

*Country Store Counter Jars and Tins, by Steve Batson, c. 1997, 152 pgs, ISBN 0-7643-0240-X

*Texaco Collector's Guide, with prices, by Scott Benjamin and Wayne Henderson, 1997, 128 pgs, ISBN 0-7603-0291-X, $10.95

*Tobacco Tins and Their Prices, Latest Prices, by Al Bergevin, c. 1986, 232 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-464-2, $16.95

*Food and Drink Containers and Their Prices, by Al Bergevin, 1988, 270 pgs, loose leaf pages in 3-ring red binder.

*Drugstore Tins and Their Prices, by Al Bergevin, c. 1990, 284 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-568-1, $17.95

Antique tobacco tins by R. W Brownlee (1983)

*Tobacco Containers from Canada, United States and the World, with Price Guide, by Norman Carlson, spiral bound, c. 2002, 333 pgs, ISBN 0-9730309-0-9

*The Tin Can Book - The Can As Collectible Art, Advertising Art & High Art, by Hyla M. Clark, March 1997, 128 pgs, $6.95, (also in loose leaf pages in 3-ring blue binder).

*Tobacco and Food Tins: A Price Guide, Vol. I, over 365 tins in Full color, by Kaye Clemens, c. 1973, spiral bound, 97 pgs, $6.95 (Note - also in loose leaf pages in 3-ring blue binder.

*Tobacco Tins: A Collector's Guide, by Congdon-Martin, Douglas, pub'd by Schiffer Pub Ltd, c. 1992, 160 pgs, ISBN 0-88740-429-4, $29.95

*Drugstore & Soda Fountain Antiques, by Douglas Congdon-Martin, 1991, 160 pgs, ISBN 0-88740-334-4, $29.95

*Collectable Old Advertising, A Price Guide, Vol. 1, by Jim Cope, c. 1971, 80 pgs.

*Collector's Price Guide to Bottles, Tobacco Tins, and Relics by Marvin And Helen Davis, c. 1974, 208 pgs, $12.50, hc, revised and updated, portions of this book previusly pub'd as "Bottles and Relics, Antique Bottles, and Tobacco Tins". ISBN 89104-000-5

*"Coykendall's Complete Guide to Sporting Collectibles... Rods, Reels, Decoys, Prints, Stamps, Lures, Firearms", by Ralf Coykendall, Jr., c. 1996, 294 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-736-6

*Antique Tins, by Fred Dodge, c. 1995, values updated 1997, 296 pgs, hc, ISBN 0-89145-604-X, $24.95

*Antique Tins, Identification & Values, Book II, by Fred Dodge, c.1998, 300 pgs, ISBN 1-57432-033-5, hc, $29.95

Antique Tins: Identification & Values, Book 3 by Fred Dodge (Feb 1999)

*Biscuit Tins , by Tracy Dolphin, A Shire Book, printed in Great Britain, c. 1999, 40 pgs, ISBN 0-7478-0425-7

*Remember Your Rubbers! Collectible Condom Containers with Values, by G. K. Elliott, George Goehring, Dennis O'Brien, A Schiffer Book, hc, , c. 1998, 159 pgs, ISBN 0-7648-0414-3, $29.95

**Decorative Printed Tins: The Golden Age of Printed Tin Packaging, by David Griffith, 1979, 96 pgs, ISBN 0-87754-099-3, $9.95

Tin Stars: Tin in Advertising 1880 - 1940 by Marco Gusmeroli (Jul 1, 2006)

*Hake's Guide to Advertising Collectibles, 100 Years of Advertising from 100 Famous Companies, prices for over 1500 items, Special Section on Figural Trademarks, by Ted Hake, 1992, 186 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-645-9, $17.95

**Price Guide to Collectible Pin-Back Buttons, 1896-1986, by Ted Hake & Russ King, c. 1986, pub'd 1991,324 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-604-1, $19.95

*Canadian Country Store Collectibles, with 1979 price guide, by Bill and Pauline Hogan, c. 1995, 223 pgs, 7 5/8 x 5 1/4 in., $8.95

*Decorated Biscuit Tins, by Peter R. G. Hornsby, c. 1984, 188 pgs, hc, ISBN 0-88740-016-7, $45.00

*Huxford's Collectible Advertising, Third Edition, by Sharon & Bob Huxford, 1997, hc, 296 pgs, ISBN 0-89145-728-3, $24.95

Tobacciana Price Guide by Tony Hyman (Jan 2002)

*The Phillips Guide to Tomorrow's Antiques, by Peter Johnson, c. 1987, pub'd 1993, 216 pgs, hc, ISBN 0-8317-6838-x, $19.95

The Inside Collector [ March 1991, Vol. 1 No. 7 ] Single Issue Magazine (Animation Art, Tobacco Tins, Radio Memories, Board Games, Bathing Beauties) by Donna Kaonis (1991)

*Oyster Cans with Price Guide, by Jim & Vivian Karsnitz, 1993, 168 pgs, ISBN 0-88740-462-6, $29.95

Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, and Rastus: Blacks in Advertising, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Contributions in Afro-American & African Studies) by Marilyn Kern-Foxworth (Nov 30, 1994)

Square corner tobacco tin guide by Franklyn. Kircher (1993)

*Antique Advertising, vol. I: Signs, tins, etc. price guide by Ray Klug, pub'd by L-W Protmotions, c. 1972, 128 pgs, $5.95

Advertising Tin Containers Vol. II by Ray Klug (1972)

Antique Advertising, Volume Three: Price Guide, Signs, Tins, Trays, Tobacco Packets, Country Store Items by Ray Klug (1973)

*Antique Advertising Encyclopedia with Price Guide, by Ray Klug, 1978, 321 pgs, hc.

*Antique Advertising Encyclopedia with revised Price Guide, by Ray Klug, 1985, 247 pgs, hc, ISBN 0-88740-141-4, $39.95

*Antique Advertising Encyclopedia with revised Price Guide, by Ray Klug, 8th printing, 1993, 327 pgs, ISBN 0-89145-259-1, $17.95

*The Label Made Me Buy It: The Best-Dressed Boxes, Bottles and Cans From Aunt Jemima to Zonkers, by Ralph and Terry Kovel, 1998, 214 pgs, hc, ISBN 0-609-60168-7, $40.00

Tobacco tins and other things valuation guide [Crown series] by John Layburn (1996)

*Planters Peanut Collectibles 1906-1961, Handbook and Price Guide: A Handbook and Price Guide by Jan Lindenberger with Joyce Spontak, c. 1995, 160 pgs, ISBN 0-88740-792-7

*Planters Peanut Collectibles, Since 1961: A Handbook and Price Guide (A Schiffer Book for Collectors), by Jan Lindenberger with Joyce Spontak, c. 1995, 160 pgs, ISBN 0-88740-793-5

*Tin Plate Decoration and the Lacquering of Food Containers, by A. LL. Matthison, c1931, 156 pgs, loose leaf pages in 3-ring grey binder.

*Drugstore Collectibles, by Patricia McDaniel, A Wallace-Homestead Price Guide, 1994, 136 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-691-2

*Modern Collectible Tins Identification & Values, by Linda McPherson, 1998, 152 pgs, ISBN 1-57432-054-8, $19.95

Modern Collectible Tins (Modern Collectible Tins: Identification & Values) by Linda McPherson (Feb 15, 2006) - Illustrated

*The Ben Hur Memorabilia Check List, spice tins and coffee cans, by Edrick J. Miller, 79 pgs, c. 1994, $14.95

Warman's Tobacco Collectibles: An Identification and Price Guide by Mark F. Moran (Jul 2003)

*Root Beer Advertising and Collectibles, (with price guise), by Tom Morrison, 1992, 128 pgs, ISBN 0-887740-412-9, $24.95

*Collectible Tin Advertising Trays, containing "A History of Chromo-Lithograph as Done on Metal Advertising Since 1886 with over 100 Trays in Full Color", by Jack Muzig, printed by Brandes Printing, Berkley, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in., 29 ppgs.

Miller's: Advertising Tins: A Collector's Guide (Miller's Collector's Guides) by Robert Opie (Feb 18, 1999)

*Filling Station Collectibles with Price Guide, by Rick Pease, 1994, 144 pgs, ISBN 0-88740-643-2, $29.95

*Petretti's Coca-Cola Collectibles Price Guide: The Encyclopedia of Coca-Cola Collectibles, 8th Edition, by Allan Petretti, c. 1977, pub'd 1992, 407 pgs, hc, ISBN 0-87069-627-0$34.94

*The Book of Collectible Tin Containers with Price Guide, by Ernest L. Pettit, , spiral bound, second printing 1968, , c. 1967. 22 pgs.

*Colorful Old Advertising, by Tom Polansky, paper pamphlet format, pub'd by author, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4 in., 48 pgs

*Advertising Tin Containers (that aren't in the other books), by Tom Polansky Tom, c. 12 October 1971, self-pub'd, 50 pgs, $3.15

*Advertising tin containers, Vol. I & II, Revised, by Tom Polansky, revised 1974, pub'd by L-W Promotions, 96 pgs. $5.95

*Illustrated Tin Container Guide, by Evalene Pulati, 1973, 175 pgs, loose leaf pages in 3-ring yellow binder.

English biscuit advertising and tins by Chris Rawlins (1974)

*American Country Store (Price Guide), by Don & Carol Raycraft, c. 1990, pub'd 1994, 154 pgs, ISBN 0-87069-723-4, $14.95

*Advertising Identification and Price Guide, American Industry's Greatest Memorabilia: Art, Packaging, Promotion, Novelties, Salesman's Samples, by Dawn E. Reno, The Confident Collector, Nov. 1993, 568 pgs, $15.00

The Tobacco Tin by Richard Rowe (Apr 25, 2012)

*American Automobilia: An Illustrated History and Price Guide, by Jim and Nancy Schaut, April 1994, 149 pgs, ISBN 087069-688-2, $18.95

Tobacco tin tags A listing of over 3000 tobacco tags with more than 200 illustrations by Gary Schild (1972)

Postcards, Cigarette Cards, Printed Ephemera, Advertising Tins, Aeronautica, Automobilia, Nautical Items and Model Ships. Auction Catalogue. by Sotheby's (1980)

*Collectors Guide to Key-Wind Coffee Tins with Price Guide, 1993-94 Prices, by James H. Stahl, c. 1991, 172 pgs, ISBN 0-89145-468-3, $19.95

Chewing Tobacco Tin Tags, 1870-1930: 1870-1930 (A Schiffer Book for Collectors) by Louis Storino (1995)

Value Guide to Advertising Memorabilia by B. J. Summers (Oct 1998)

Antique & Contemporary Advertising Memorabilia, Identification & Value Guide, 2nd Edition by B. J. Summers (Apr 1, 2004) - Illustrated

*Tins'n'Bins, by Robert and Harriet Swedberg, 1985, 136 pgs, loose leaf pages in 3-ring grey binder.

*Collecting Black Memorabilia: A Picture Price Guide, by J. P. Thompson, 1996, 160 pgs, ISBN 0-89538-077-3, $19. 95

*The Encyclopedia of Advertising Tins, Small & Samples, by David Zimmerman, 1994, 348 pgs, $24.95, (also in loose leaf pages in 3-ring yellow binder).

*Encyclopedia of Advertising Tins, Vol. II - Smalls & Samples, Identification & Price Guide, by Zimmerman, David, pub'd by Collector Books, c. 1999, hc, 272 pgs, ISBN 1-57432-070-X, $24.95


Books about General Advertising History and Company Histories

*Pioneering With Products and People: A Brief Review of the First Fifty Years of McCormick & Co., Inc., c. 1919, 84 pgs, ex-lib., hc, $$.

*This Fascinating Advertising Business, by Harry Lewis Bird, 1947, 405 pgs, hc, no dj, $30.00

*Why Did They Name It?, by Hannah Campbell, 1964, 207 pgs, hc, $17.50

*Advertising in America: The First 200 Years, by Charles Goodrum and Helen Dalrymple, 1990, 288 pgs, hc, no dj, ISBN 0-8109-1187-6, $19.95

*Over the Counter and on the Shelf: Country Storekeeping in America, 1620-1920, by Lawrence A. Johnson, edited by Marcia Ray, c. 1961, 3rd printing 1970,140 pgs, hc, ISBN 8048-0462-1, printed in Japan, $39.95

*They Laughed When I Sat Down: An informal history of advertising in words and pictures, by Frank Rowsome, Jr., 1959, 183 pgs, hc, $14.95

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