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Milwaukee Snack Food Industry History & More

The listing below follows pretty much the pattern in the next few lines. The information was taken from the Milwaukee City Directories. Some additional annotation may appear.

Directory Listing,Time Period,Company,Address,City,STATE,Comments,Home Phone,Work Phone,Car,Phone,Fax Phone,Friend,Family,Work,Notes

Food Wholesale/retail,1923,Mrs. Margaret H. Drenk,2412 W. State St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1924,A "Potato Chip Manufacturer",Directory Listing First Appears,,,In Milw. City Directory,,,,,,,,

Food Wholesale/retail,1924,Drenk's,,,,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1924,Pop Corn Confections,710 North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Wm. H. Schaller,Lincoln 4709,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1924,Schaller Wm. H.,710 North Ave.,MIlwaukee,WI.,see Pop Corn Confections,Lincoln 4709,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1925,Dernehl's Food Products Co.,272 N. Water St.,Milwaukee,WI.,Adolf &Sons,Broadway 2467,Broadway 2608,,,,,,

Pretzel,1925,Wisconsin Pretzel Co.,4201 National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI,,,,,,,,,Chas F. Boyer & Elzo W. Peters

Pop Corn,1926,Haight Gladys,923 Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1926,Wachlck Frank A.,816 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pretzel,1926,Wisconsin Pretzel Co,4201 National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI,only Elzo W. Peters,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1927,Lambrecht Geo.,923 Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pretzel,1927,Wisconsin Pretzel Co ,4201 National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI,Albert Peters joins son?,,,,,,,,last city directory listing

Pop Corn,1928,Haefer Alf,1900 Wells St.,MIlwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1928,Lurvey Leon,923 Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1928,Rybacki Henry J.,Rear 632 Hayes Ave,Milwaukee,WI,see Gaudynski,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1928,Wisconsin Pop Corn Co.,416 Walker,Milwaukee,WI,Birdella Churchill mgr.,,,,,,,,in 1929 Birdella's occupation is confectioner.

Potato Chip Manuf,1929,Millett Roy,553 N. 13th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1930,Milwaukee Potato Chip Co.,910 N. 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,John A Grohill mgr.,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1932,Kitterman Potato Chip Co.,2462 W. Center St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1932,Lemke Fred W.,3037 N. 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,Address Change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1932,Tater Stick Co.,1723 E. Locust St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1932,Vita-Scald Potato Chips,2633 W. McKinley Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933,Boudro Mrs. Ruth,3358 N. 12th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933,Delicious Food Products Co.,1909 W. Atkinson Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,1st Geiser's address,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933,Hackbarth Harry,1746 N. 12th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1934,Waulter's Frank W.,2640 N. 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1935,Leo's Food Shop,2642 N. 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1935,Waulter's Food Products Co.,1344 N. 24th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1936,Verigood Potato Chip Co.,3739 W. Vliet St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1937,McKinley Lloyd E.,1567 W. Mitchell St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Kitchen Cooked PC C,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1938,Christl Potato Chip Co.,3708 N. 11th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Paul E. Knuth,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1938,Raja Flakes Inc.,630 W. North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1939,Krispy Foods,3329 W. Villard Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1939,Waulter's Potato Chip Co. Inc.,Rear 2227 N. 31st St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1941,Raygene's Potato Chips,1010 W. North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1941,Universal Popcorn Co.,1227 S. 16th,Milwaukee,WI.,Indian Chief Brand,Mitchell 3342,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1942,Waulter's Potato Chip Co. Inc,517-21 E. Buffalo,MIlwaukee,WI.,see Special Foods Co.,,,,,,,,Business member of PCII in Dec 1945

Pop Corn Vendors,1949,Art's Popcorn,6205 W. Fairview Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Knight's,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1949,Pop Corn Sez Inc.,5621 W. North Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1949,Viking Popcorn Co.,5704 W. Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1950,Cavett Food Products,1553 N. 12th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1950,Erickson Marvin,3274 N. Greenbay Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1950,Nelson Harry V.,1516 E. Brady Apt 3,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1950,Uszler Chester J.,2367 S. 11th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1952,Purity Treets,908 W. Mitchell St.,Milwaukee,WI.,short lived,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1952,Rex Caramel Popkorn Shops Inc,1138 W. Mitchell,Milwaukee,WI.,Portable Wagon ?,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1957,Caramel Crisp Shop,630 W. Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1958,Purity Treets,6033 W. Blue Mound Rd.,Milwaukee,WI.,se notes about plants,,,,,,,,plants at 908 W. Mitchell 5100 W. Blue Mound Rd. & at C. Southgate Shopping Center Pop Corn Vendors,1962,Martinson Corp.,729 S. 5th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Popcorn Products Co,,,,,,,,

Food Wholesale/retail,1920?-1922,Fred W. Drenk,2412 State St.,Milwaukee,WI.,home 254 21st st.,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1923-30,Milwaukee Pop Corn Co.,Rear 1065 6th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,Geo. B. Ratcliffe-owner,,,,,,,,

Food Wholesale/retail,1925-30 ?,Mrs. Drenk's Pure Food Products,2412 State St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1926-31,Cavett Ernest O.,947 Teutonia Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1926-32,Lemke Fred W.,1247 N. 18th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1927-31,Gaudynski Stanley J.,632 Hayes Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1930-31,Ruth's Potato Chip Factory,Rear 1082 11th Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1930-32,Food Products Co.,5406 W. Center,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Food Wholesale/retail,1930?-?,Mrs. Drenk's Food Products Inc.,,Milwaukee,WI.,never listed potato chips,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1931-32,Purity Potato Chip Co.,2664 N. 38th St,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1931-32,Quality Potato Chip Co.,3170 N. 27th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1931-40,Milwaukee Pop Corn Co.,2737c N. 6th,Milwaukee,WI,Geo. dies approx 1930,,,,,,,,widow Alma A. Ratcliffe and relative/friend Roswell Albers (wife Ruby) running company.

Potato Chip Manuf,1932-40,Cavett Ernest O.,2535 N. Teutonia Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,Address Change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1932-40,Fischer's Saratoga Chips Co.,953 W. Morgan Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,home delivery in van?,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933-1983,Geiser's Beginnings(Delicious Brand Food Products,Founded In 1933 By,,,Frank & August Geiser,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933-35,Don's Potato Chip Co.,3030 W. Forest Home Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933-36,Food Specialists,1042 N. 6th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933-36,Purity Potato Chip Co.,3723 W. Center St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1933-37,Knuth Paul E.,3708 N. 11th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Christl Potato Chip Co,WB address 1936,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1935-36,Delicious Brand Food Products Co.,315 W. Wright St.,Milwaukee,WI.,seeGeiser's,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1935-36,Kitchen Cooked Potato Chip Co.,1567 W. Mitchell St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Lloyd E. McKinley,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1936-38,Waulter's Potato Chip Co. Inc.,1344 N. 24th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1936-39,Normandie Potato Corp.,2651-53 N. 30th,Milwaukee,WI.,also Red Dot plant,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1937-38,Geiser's Food Products,315 W. Wright St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Delicious Brand Food,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1937-41,Franckowiak Boleslaus,3202 S. 10th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1937-41,Purity Food Products Co.,3723 W. Center St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1938-39,Cooky Sugar Cone Co.,1594 W. Hopkins St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1939-1963,Red Dot Foods Inc.,Frederick J. Meyer-founder,Madison,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1939-40,Excello Potato Chip Co.,1909 S. Kinnikinnic,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1939-41,Geiser's Food Products,2555 N. 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,Locust 9870,,,,,,,beginning of semi-automatic production line with retail shop out front. Product sold by Anne Baum secretary.

Potato Chip Manuf,1939-42,Dernehl Inc.,324 N. Water St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1940-41,Waulter's Potato Chip Co. Inc.,2011 N. 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn,1941+,Milwaukee Pop Corn Co.,2823 N. 23rd,Milwaukee,WI,address change,,,,,,,,Alma and Roswell still running company

Pretzels,1941-43,American Cone & Pretzel Co.,1560-68 W. Pierce St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,Mitchell 6763,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1941-45,Special Foods Co.,517 E. Buffalo,Milwaukee,WI.,see Waulter's P.C. Co.,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1941-48?,Cavett Potato Chip Co.,2535 N. Teutonia Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Ernest O. Cavett,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1941-55,Milwaukee Popcorn Co.,2823 N. 23rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,and retail,Hopkins 5300,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1941-56,Delicious Popcorn & Distributing Co. Inc.,2754 N. 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,also sold potato chips,Kilbourn 7610,,,,,,,see Geiser's

Potato Chip Manuf,1942-45,Purity Food Products Co.,3200 W. Auer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Red Dot Foods Inc.,,,,,,,,

Pretzels,1944-45,American Cone & Pretzel Co.,531 S. Water St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,Broadway 4135,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1944-45,Geiser's Food Products & Distributing Co.,2555 N. 3rd St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1947-51,Yach Hugo F.,1507 W. National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,also made/distributed potato chips from this address with the name Herman Jaehrlich on the paper label tin.

Potato Chip Manuf,1947-62,Red Dot Foods Inc,3200-08 W. Auer Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Purity Food

Products,Custer 3-6441,,,,,,,in 1957 a plant was also located at 2653 N. 30th St. the tel was Hilltop 4-6130 see Normandie Potato Corp

Pop Corn Vendors,1949-50,Moens Eugene P.,3134 N. 42nd Pl Apt 1,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1949-51 ?,Cavett Potato Chip Co.,2874 N. Breman,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1949-54 ?,Geiser's Potato Chip & Dist Co.,3113 W. Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1950-51,Knight's Popcorn & Sweetshop,6205 W. Fairview Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Art's Popcorn,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1950-52,Howe's Quality Popcorn,2728 W. Lisbon Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1950-53,Universal Popcorn Co.,1567 S. 13th,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1950-54,ABC Popcorn,1934 W. Galena,Milwauke,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1950-55,Purity Treets Co.,4917 W. Fond Du Lac Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,Poggenberg owners,,,,,,,,in 1952 a plant is listed at 4306 W. Forest Home Ave.

Pop Corn Vendors,1950-56,Gollwitzer Geo. M.,1014 W. Lincoln Ave,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1952-56,Cavett Food Products,1317 W. Atkinson Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1952-56,Knight's Popcorn Co.,6205 W. Fairview Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1952-69 ?,Yach's Popcorn,1507 W. National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1953-54,Chedha Popcorn Co.,2232 S. Kinnikinnic,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1953-54,Dorothey's Popcorn Stand,1030 E. Brady St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1953-54,Popsun In.,1520 W. Lincoln Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1953-54,Tsingou Thos. J.,1604 W. Highland Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1953-57,Ace Popcorn & Pretzel Co.,3907 W. Vliet St.,Milwaukee,WI.,Herman Ertl owner,,,,,,,,sons Tom and Robert also managed business. Bought from Geiser's both potato chips and popcorn.

Pop Corn Vendors,1953-61,Popcorn Products Corp.,729 S. 5th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Martinson Corp.,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1955-67 ?,Mrs. Howe's Food Products Co.,3901 N. 1st St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,Woodruff 4-0988,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1955-79 ?,Geiser's Potato Chip Co.,3113 W. Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1956-57,Milwaukee Popcorn Co.,2975 N. Buffum,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1956-59,Purity Treets,6033 W. Blue Mound Rd.,Milwaukee,WI.,listed as main plant,,,,,,,,Monroe H. Poggenburgen - mgr. with plants at 2601 & 4917 W. Fond du Lac Ave 4302 W. F.H.&5020 W. North

Potato Chip Manuf,1956-85 ?,Fischer's Saratoga Chips Co.,4535 S. Adams Ave.,MIlwaukee,WI.,Co. resurrected ?,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1957-59,Delicious Popcorn Distributing Co.,2754 N. 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1957-65,Knight's Popcorn Co.,1577 W. National Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change/see notes,,,,,,,,also have address of 418 W. Mitchell from 1962-65

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1958-62,Ace Popcorn Co.,3907 W. Vliet St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1960-61,Purity Treets,4917 W. Fond Du Lac Ave,Milwaukee,WI.,see notes,,,,,,,,this plant and 4302 W. Forest Home Ave. are only ones listed.

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1960-64,De-Lish-Us Popcorn,2754 N. 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1960-69,Jay's Foods Inc.,2628c N. Humbolt Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,Distribution operation,,,,,,,,

Pretzels,1961-68?,Old Time Pretzel Co. Inc.,3260 N. 126th St.,Brookfield,WI.,see notes,Sunset 1-5330,,,,,,,1962 listed as an affiliate of The Quinlan Pretzel Co. in 1965 tele was 781-5330

Potato Chip Manuf,1962(last Entry),Purity Treets,4302 W. Forest Home Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,moved to Butler,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1963-65,Dan's Popcorn Stand,2634 W. Lincoln Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1965-67,De-Lish-Us Distributers,2754 N. 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,name change,,,,,,,,see geiser's

Pop Corn Vendors,1966-85,Knight's Popcorn,1714 S.9th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change/name ?,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1966-?,Buddy Squirrel Popcorn Shop,114 W. Wisconsin Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1968-70,Mrs. Howe's Food Products Co. Inc.,6210 W. Douglas Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,464-4710,,,,,,,one source lists company until 1984

Pop Corn Wholesaler,1968-75,Pitch's De-Lish-Us Distributers,2754 N. 30th St.,Milwaukee,WI.,see De-lish-us name chan,,,,,,,,see geiser's

Potato Chips,1970's,Barrel O'Fun,6210 W. Douglas Ave,Milwaukee,WI.,see Mrs Howe's,464-0525,,,,,,,bought out Mrs Howe's

Pop Corn Vendors,1970-72,Yach's Popcorn,2400 W. Burnham St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address change,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1970-75?,Trier's Popcorn,3450 N. 84th St.,MIlwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Potato Chip Manuf,1980-85 ?,Geiser's Potato Chip Co.,3033 W. Burleigh St.,Milwaukee,WI.,address after addition,,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,1985-?,Popcorn Unlimited BSMT,770 N. Jeff St.,Milwaukee,WI.,,,,,,,,,

Pretzel,Approx 1931,Family Named "Pretzel",Lived In City,Milwaukee,WI,,,,,,,,,

Nuts,Approx 1932,Milwaukee Nut Products Co.,431 W. Viliet,MIlwaukee,WI,not fully researched,,,,,,,,Chas. Cohn & Samuel M. Reuben

PopCorn Vendors,Current,Knight's Popcorn Co.,4435 W. Forest Home Ave.,Milwaukee,WI.,see Knight's Popcorn,541-0012,,,,,,,

Pop Corn Vendors,Current,Trier's Concession Services,N57 W13430 Reichert Ave,Menomonee Falls,WI.,see

Trier's Popcorn,781-7800,,,,,,,


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