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Alphabetical Listing of Many, Many Tins to Collect

Dear "Chip",

Hi. I came upon your site while seeking information on an item I recently obtained. I have a bottle of whiskey which is still encased in an attractive tin. There is a key mounted on the top of the 8 inch tin. The tin has an elliptical cross-section. The whiskey's brand name is "CHICKENCOCK" and is a Canadian Rye Whiskey, bottled in Montreal. It has a chicken on the front and the distillery on the back. Patent Nos. 256335, 272658, 284023 This unopened one pint whiskey tin was found while demolishing an old house. It was hidden behind a false back to a foldout ironing board compartment. It was reputed to have been stashed there since prohibition times! Do you know the age and approximate value of this item? I'd greatly appreciate any information that you may have, and would gladly offer you an opinion if you should ever have a question regarding Native American stone artifacts.

Thank you,

Bob Byard

743 Maple Avenue

New Martinsville WV 26155

[email protected]

Abelour Pure Highland Malt Scotch Whiskey - coffin style. This one is inside the brewery and has the huge pipes and a man doing something to them. One on side is a story about the "Art of the Copper" and the other side is about the way they make the whiskey. This is a really nice tin - made by Barringer Wallis and Manners in England, which is the company which makes the Jack Daniels tins.

Aberlour - brown with "Abelour" repeated as pattern - plastic top.

Amarula Wild Fruit Cream. Produced From Fresh Cream and the Unique Fruit of the African Marula Tree." Bottom says "Product of the Republic of South Africa." 12" tall; 3.75" in diameter.

Antinori - blue gift tin with blue rope handle (held 3 bottles of wine)

Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum - It is rust color and is a lush tropical rum plantation with horse, carts etc. Neat colors. The scene is continued all around the entire tin with the back showing the workers in the fields.

Asti Spumante - tall cylinder, 2 fluted glasses of champagne on front.

Aunt Bea's Butterscotch Creme, Consolidated Distilled Products - front has a front porch with little old woman in white apron and a dog - snow all over porch - sides of tin show inside house with people; showman on one side with guitar, hinged, dated 1995,  4 3/8 x 4 3/8 x 10 5/8.

Bailey's, brown/copper/gold, round milk can with embossed logo, Produce of Ireland, UPC paper label on bottom,  4 1/2 x  9 7/8.

Bailey's, looks like an oil painting - yellow/orange/red/brown/green in dull hues - cover a "dirty gold", round, embossed logo, thermos-style cover, marked 1993, UPC paper label on bottom,  number 307678 printed on bottom,  4 3/8 x  9 7/8.

Bailey's, looks like an oil painting with bright hues of yellow/orange/red/green/brown - cover is a "silvery gold", embossed logo, round, thermos-style cover, marked 1994, UPC paper label on bottom, number 307678 printed on bottom,  4 3/8 x  9 7/8.

Bailey's, looks like a textured splash painting, bright hues of yellow/orange/red/green/brown  (plain "coppery gold streak down center) - cover is "coppery gold", embossed logo, round thermos-style cover, marked 1995, UPC paper label on bottom,  number 307678 printed on bottom,  4 1/4 x 9 7/8.

Bailey's - gold pattern, has 1992 edition on bottom - red ribbon around rim

Bailey's light clamp down lid - cream with very pastel green & orange - 1994 edition

Bailey's rectangular hinged; size of women's shoe box - green lid, tannish sides

Bailey's - large oval gift tin with green handle - green tin/tannish lid

Bailey's Light 1995 - This has the clamp on it. This is a cream color tin with what looks like a gold path of flowing lava to me, 1995 on the bottom

This tin once held 2 one litre bottles of Baileys Irish Cream. It stands 11" tall and 9 1/2" wide. The handle is plastic.  

B&B, Bacardi Imports, Inc., Miami, Fl., dark blue/red/turquoise/gold, pictures of girl and moon on front, designed by Paul Davis 1993, octagonal, not hinged, marked 1994, "Container Made in England" printed on UPC paper label on bottom , 4  5/8 x 10 3/4.

B&B, Bacardi - Martini U.S.A., Inc., Miami, Fl., dark teal with gold, a picture of a waiter serving a woman a drink, designed by Javier Mariscal, octagonal, not hinged, marked 1995, tin made by Pagani-Lecco, Italy (?) printed on bottom along with a recycling symbol (?), , 4 5/8 x 10 1/2.

B&B - 50th Anniversary - La Grand Palace Factory at Teacamp wraps around 3 sides.

B&B - Black with abstract outline of bottle in gold, purple, and red.

B and B Liqueur Cookie Tin - This is a large Cookie tin and is Very Attractive. It measures 10" across and 7 1/2" Deep.This tin is Black and trimmed with a gold line around top of tin and double gold lines around entire tin. On the top of the tin is a very colorful picture of a Man and a Lady dining out with the view of a castle and tower, which may be Westminister Tower. It is in gold. Shows pink, green, white and yellow scenery behind. The lady is wearing a pink gown with a rose in front and a rose in her brown hair. The gentleman is in a tux and has a mustache. They each have a wine glass in their hand. The table has a fancy tablecloth. There is a bottle of wine on the table and the table is set with cups and tea service. The window is stained glass. On both sides of this picture is a gold and black design. The picture and design are 4 1/2" wide and 5 1/4" Deep. On the right bottom of the design are three raised letters-D.O.M.. The back of the tin reads. Ingredients: Egg yolks, Granulated sugar, Vegetable oil, Flour, Salt and B & B Liqueur. Net Weight: 1lb. CONTAINER MADE IN ENGLAND. The lid of this tin has hinges in the back. The lid and bottom of the tin have a gold strip around.

This 1991 Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whisky tin, Maidstone's Wine & Spirit, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.90018-0230, measures approximately 10" long by 5 1/4" wide by 2 1/2" deep.

Ballentines - Flat rectangle with snow scene and village.

Benedictine - Hinged - yellow - one side has an angel with horn flying or jumping with bottle of Benedictine. One side has witer with bottle of Benedictine on tray and says - Yes Sir!

Benedictine - light blue - one side has man in corner holding lantern. Looks like churches across the river. Figure is dark blue with red highlights.

Bolla - 3 bottle gift pack. Neat - all black and triangular shaped - some lettering in gold, some in white

Bolla - 4 bottle gift pack. Displays beautifully with one above - this one is rectangular, almost square across top; some lettering in gold, some in white

Brolio - larger gift tin which held 3 bottles.

Canadian Club - wine color gift tin.

Canadian Club Classic - gold on gold - kind of a veined pattern; brown label with logo embossed in gold - also has crest on front (hinged lid)

Cardhu - this is a flat tin with scalloped edges - smooth finish. All writing is in gold and there is an oval in the center in gold with an etching, probably the distillery, in brown and gold. It also says in gold - Highland Scotch Whiskey.

Carolans Finest Irish Cream Liqueur - pastel colors with blue lid; round cylinder (most of theirs have cut-off corners, but this one is completely round), purple mountains, some blue ocean and countryside with house (yellow roof) and some sky and clouds,

Carolans - cream color with green upper portion and lid and green near bottom of tin. Has lots of flowers on it, and under flowers in green section it says, "Wildflowers of Ireland" - tall square with cut off corners, hinged lid, UPC paper label on bottom, 4 1/8 x 4 1/8 x 10 1/4.

Carolans - cream color, tall square with cut off-corners and scene on each side. One side is Gap of Dunloe, Cliffs of Moher, Rock of Cashel, and Blarney Castle,

Carolans - cream color, tall square with cut off corners and scene on each side. The four pictures aren't labeled individually, but all four have purple mountains, clouds and sky in background, one has man walking with dog, one has horse pulling hay and man, on just has grass and trees, and lad side has two small boats with men.

Carolans - this one is also hinged, tall square with cut off corners and shows cows standing in the water on 3 sides as one continous scene. very nice.

Carolans - all red, round cylinder and looks one continues piece of stain is wrapped around tin. Has the signature "T. J. Carolan" across front in gold, UPC paper label on bottom,  4 1/4 x 10 1/2.

Carolans - this is a pastoral scene with field and purple mountains in background - different from the other Carolans.

Carolans - this one is green with cream panels - front and back have a small oval with a house, one side has two ovals - (Rock of Cashel and The Glen of Aherlow) - last side has two ovals - (Clommel and The Comeragh Mountains), UPC paper label on bottom,  4 x 4 x 10.

Carolans, cream color. One side has Powerscourt Gardens, the next has Croagh Patrick, the next the Lakes of Killarney, and the last side has Giants Causeway, UPC paper label on bottom,  4 1/8 x 4 1/8 x 10 3/8.

Castillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon- tall black round tin - kind of like a pasta tin.

Chickencock Pure Rye Whiskey Aged In Wood Bottled In Bond Distillers Corporation Limited Montreal Canada. It measures 7 7/8" high.

Chivas Regal, Chivas Brothers Ltd, Distillers, Aberdeen, Scotland, silver and black embossed pictures on all sides and cover, red/white logo, coffin-stlye cover, hinged, tin contains a plastic form that cradled bottle, UPC paper label on bottom, marked 6500105 on bottom,  4 1/2 x 4 3/8 x 10 1/4.

Chivas Regal - round gift tin, silver with heavy embossing.

Chivas Regal - round tin, same as above, much smaller.

Chivas Regal - big square gift tin - w/silver heavy embossing.

Christian Brothers Brandy - Could have held two bottles, not sure; wine color tin - hinged lid.

Christian Brothers Brandy - Black gift pack - embossing is all silver, gold & copper.

Cockburn's Special Reserve Porto - reddish marble-looking tin. Tall square

Compari - blue cylinder; 3 men with hats at small table

Compari - blue cylinder; seltzer bottle filling wine glass

Compari - red cylinder with 'Compare" all around in different colors and typestyles.

Compari - round tall cylinder. It has two mimes in red outfits that look like pajamas with gold dots and orange peels all around it. Stange but colorful

Coors Light - This is a large silver tin; large enough to have contained cans of beer, maybe a gift pack. The same size as the Heinekin tin at SAMS during the holidays.

Cordon Rouge Champagne from France, coffin tin  - pretty burgundy tin designed to look like it has red ribbon and a bow on it.

Cordon Rouge Champagne from France, coffin tin  - white tin designed to look like it is wrapped with ribbon and bow. Displays with one above.

Cordoniu Brut - this is a navy blue tin with gold trim. One side has woman in yellow dress holding bottle in one hand and champagne glass in another. Back has company history.

Cordoniu Brut - round - goes with one mentioned above nicely; same shape and size. Has woman in white formal dress pouring champagne. Strange photo. Back has company history.

Crown Royal, Large gift pack of, felt bag inside for the bottle and a mint set of 4 Crown Royal glasses.

Crown Royal, smaller,  matches larger on but finish is different. Also writing and logo are embossed.

Cutty Sark - black tall with hinged lid - has a gold drawing of the Cutty Sark ship and then rope knots and strips of rope on the bottom third. Neat looking tin.

Cutty Sark - Green, tall with hinged lids. This has the ship in white and the tin shows a map showing the route to Christmas Island.

Cutty Sark - this one has huge stamps shown on it and the stamps are textured, not flat with the tin, but all tin. One stamp has the Santa Maria and 1492 on it, the other has the Cutty Sark ship on it and is dated 1882. Below that, it says "Christopher Columbus 500th Anniversary 1492-1992. On the back it says, Cutty Sark - On April 10, 1882 Cutty Sark, the most famous of the great Tea Clippers followed the route first opened by Christopher Columbus and arrived under sail in New York Harbour. Today, Cutty Sark salutes the illustrious predecessor, Santa Maria, on the 500th anniversary of her epic voyage of discovery.

Devonshire Cream - bottle next to flowers and 2 glasses of Devonshire, one on silver tray

Dewars - rectangular flat - very colorful. Held 6 tiny bottles.

Dewars - all gold coffin with bagpiper on front.

Disaronno Amaretto Originale, stained glass background, measures approx. 6 inches x 3 1/2 inches x 9 1/4 inches tall.

Disaronno - Angle with Lyre - left side rust colored - upper right is green and lower right is purple.

Disaronno - Angel - left side is green, right side is angels face mostly yellowish shades.

Double Eagle Rye Whiskey -  made by Distillers Corporation Ltd. of Montreal, Canada. . Tin measures 4.625"x8.125", c.1920's (?).

Emmets, Irelands Cream Liqueur Tin.. It's approximately 10 3/8 inches tall and 4 X 4 inches at the base, green tall square, hinged lid: logo repeated all over in brownish gold, UPC label on bottom.

Emmets - this is a large gift size metallic green with logo all over in brownish gold. Has a plastic handle, same color and pattern.

Emmets, R&J Emmet & Company Limited, "The History of Ireland in Stamps", light brown, dark green and gold background, historical stamps around entire tin, hinged,  UPC paper label on bottom, 4 1/8 x 4 1/8 x 11 1/4.

Emmet's - light cream hinged lid; stamps all over.

Emmet's - more of a tannish; hinged lid - different from above.

Emmet's - looks like a package; red patterned tin with red painted on ribbon and blue designed to look like package.

Emmet's - like above, only in green.

Ernest & Julio Gallo - wine color gift tin with all red embossing. Lettering and scene with building and tree all embossed in gold.

Far Niente Chardonnay bottled in the Napa Valley.12 inches tall and 4 inches in diameter

FOUR ROSES WHISKEY TIN, square tin, approx 13"x13".

Glenfiddich - tall canister shape - dark green, very pretty picture of disitllery and horses pulling wagon full of kegs.

Glenfiddich - dark green coffin; Clans of the Highlands of Scotland - Macpherson.

Glenfiddich - dark green coffin; Clans of the Highlands of Scotland - Kennedy.

Glenfiddich - dark green coffin; Clans of the Highlands of Scotland - Cameron.

Glenfiddich - dark green coffin; The Glenfiddich Distillery 1887 (There is a round on of distillery - but this is the coffin.)

Glenlivet - Caerlaveorock Castle of Scotland, this is the wine-colored coffin tin.

Glenlivet - 12 year old unblended scotch whiskey 86 proof imported by the Glenlivet Distillery Co. NY, NY. The tin stands 5 1/4" by 5" by 3" and depicts the Glenlivet Distillery Co established in 1824.

Glenlivet - Craigievar Castle of Scotland, dark green coffin tin.

Glenmorangie - this tin is beautiful. Its a coffin - creamy tan in color and has a man working on some type of distillery equipment; indoor scene with wooden ceiling and beams. Cat is sitting on stairs and bird is flying inside building near ceiling.

Glenmorangie - another beautiful one, coffin; a little more tan than the other one - has a picture of a man working on a big keg or barrel and a little dog standing next to barrel.

Glen Moray - A Barringer, Wallis and Manners tin from England; coffin.

Creme De Grand Marnier - this is the colorful strange one with the woman holding a small orange tree on two sides and a tree growing out of a pitcher of Creme de Grand Marnier on the other two - a pair of  hands on the top.

Creme De Grand Marnier - This one has the flower on the lid with yellow, orange, white petals. Two sides have a jester-type character juggling flowers and the other side has a blue character playing a violin.

Grimbergen - don't know what kind of liquor it is, all in foreign language; gold tin

Hiram Walker's Ten High Ten Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey tin - predominately brown and cream; has embossed part of man and his dog - very different; hinged lid

Inglenook - this one is a dark blue coffin. The lid has a color drawing of a building, possibly the winery, surrounded with a cluster of golden grape leaves. In the center is the word "Inglenook" and below that is a photo of man - very old-fashioned in brown-tones also surrounded by a golden cluster of grapes and leaves.

Inglenook - This is a dark blue tall tin with hinged lid and cut-off corners. It has a color picture of the winery and lots of trees (I think that is the winery building) and lots of golden grape leaves. Very different from the other one.

Irish Mist - Irelands Legendary Liquor, has a picture wrapped completely around and labeled on each side; one side is St. Stephen's green Dublin, Charlemont House Dublin, Royal Exchange Dublin, and Trinity College Dublin. Scene is old fashioned with horse and carriages, and people dressed from another century walking dogs in the park. Tin is square, but not real tall.

Irish Mist Liquor - black hinged with gold ornamentation.

J&B Rare Scotch Whisky - made in Scotland - marbled dark green background with red & gold lettering - 3" wide, 3" deep, 12" tall - hinged top

J&B Scotch Whiskey hinge lidded tin. This one features four different castles around it. Justerini and Brooks Ltd. St. James's Street London, England. A tradition of quality The connoisseurs choice. This one housed a 750 ml bottle of 86 proof Scotch. 12.5 inches tall and 3.75 inches square.

J & B - Dickens Christmas Carols depicted on sides.

Jack Daniel's whiskey Tin with old no.7, measures 10 1/2 inches by 8 inches and is 4 inches deep. Manufactured by Barringer Wallis and Manners in Mansfield England. Says since 1890. There is a letter dated 1906 in the front of the tin when you open it. I emailed Jack Daniels and they told me that the tin is from 1973.

Jack Daniels tin by Hudson-Scott & Sons LTD, made in England. Inside lid contains a printed tale about the Jack Daniel Distillery and the tin itself contains 2 miniature Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey bottles.

Jack Daniel's kitchen size match box & tin cover. Match box is black with white writing which states: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7. It measures approx 4-1/2" long by 2-1/2" wide and 1-1/2" high. Tin cover will fit any standard size kitchen match box. It has an opening on one side for strike area. Tin has quite a lot of info on it: top states: "Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey - Distilled from selected grain - Distillery No. 1 - Est. 1866". Side states: "Handmade Sour Mash Whiskey - Awarded the highest Gold Medals at St. Louis Mo. Exposition 1904, Liege Belgium 1905". Opposite side states: "Guaranteed by Jack Daniel under the Pure Food and Drugs Act, June 30, 1906 - Jack Daniel, Distiller, Lynchburg, Tenn.".

Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey St. Louis, MO Expo - has the drawn map  of St. Louis.

Jack Daniels - book sized hinged tin; has "All Goods Worth Price Charged" on front, includes nice wood and brass brewers thermometer inside.

Jack Daniel's - book sized hinged side; green tin - portrait of JD with white hat - $25.00

Jack Daniels - book sized hinged - has a drawing of the JD statue on front and a red ribbon on it that says "Every Day We make It, We'll Make it the Best We Can"

Jack Daniels coffin - black sides, very colorful lid with JD statue

Jack Daniels - tall Square; all black with gold trim, small photo of JD and under it "Mr Jack Daniel - one side says in gold "Whiskey Made As Our Fathers Made it" - other side says "Made In A Quiet Tennessee Hollow" - Barringer, etc....

Jack Daniels - book sized this one is green, with Bottle of Jd, glasses from Red Dog Saloon and poker chips and pocket watch. Barringer etc....

Jack Daniels book sized - this one has picture of him with no hat; on one side of his face it says "Rich Mellow" and the right hand side says "Hand Made" - Also has a circle with OLD N0 7 Brand" and an ear of corn on each side of that - Barringer, etc.

Jack Daniels - This one has Hudson Scott & Sons Let, Carlisle England on the bottom. This one also has a latch type mechanism on the side. Near upper left is a sign that says "Made with our own spring water" -and this one has the picture of Jack Daniels with no hat near the bottom.

Johnnie Walker Red" Whisky tin,12 inches high by 5 1/4 inch wide, bottom showing the embossed words "Hudson-Scott & Sons Ltd. (Est 1799) Manufacturers of tin boxes since 1866 Carlisle England " On the front of the tin near the bottom reads " 1.75 liters) obviously held a bottle, The graphics wrap around to both sides with the back showing a seal with the words "By appointment to her majesty The Queen Scotch Whiskey Distillers John Walker & Sons Ltd." Also is written history on Johnnie Walker, the man, the legend, the whisky. Near the bottom is says " Copyright Johnnie Walker figure Copyright 1983 Somerset Importers, Ltd. N.Y."

Johnnie Walker Red - same tin only flat square - may have held a set of miniatures.

Johnnie Walker Red Label - Wine-red coffin, very simple; similar to bottle.

Johnnie Walker Black Label - Black coffin, very simple, goes with red label above.

Kahlua - Tall with hinged lid on top - all gold with letters and a painted ribbon in pinky-purple. Not as horrible as it sounds. The tin has diagonal gold stripes all around which are textured different than the gold tin.

Kahlua - tall octagonal tin in black and burgundy. Has color photo of bottle of Kahlua as long as several drinks and the caption under it, "Kahlua - Everything it Touches Turns Delicious".

Kahlua Royale Liqueur - this one is neat, but not in as mint condition as all the others. It looks more like a gift tin and is tall, but not square. The edges are cut-off. It says "A magical mingling of Kahlua, fine Brandy, a hit of chocolate and elegant orange.

Kapala - tall square with cut edges; blue lid, bottle, desert scene with pyramids

Kayser gift tin - this has a village with young people dancing all around. Illustration-type picture rather than photo type picture.

Kayser gift tin - black cat. Has a huge black cat with its back arched on the front

Kayser figt tin - oval shaped. This has a pastel village picture and a green strip around the bottom.

La Grande Passion - heart shaped tin

Laphroaig - neat coffin tin (Barringer, Wallis, Manners) - snow white w/black graphics

Lazzeroni Amaretto, made and bottled in Saronne, Italy, imported by Falber Import Co., Frankfort, Kentucky, red/orange with white logo, not hinged, tin made by Pagani-Lecco, Italy (?), UPC part of litho on side, 3 5/8 x 3 5/8 x 10 1/4.

Lazzaroni Liquore & peach - peach colored with peach blossoms.

Lazzaroni Amaretto - Navy blue and white; matches the red and orange one nicely.

Licor 43 - different, 8-sided hinged lid; all black with embossed label on the front in purple and gold.

Marie Brizard - blue tin with picture of Marie Brizard - lots of colorful pictures of ships

O'Darby Irish Cream Liqueur - beautiful blue tin painted like Bunratty Castle, rare. 

This tin was never opened . If you were to do this you will need a old coffee can key. That is how it opens and it never has been. The bottle there contained has not seen the light of day from the day bottled and sealed . We do not know when that was as there is no date on the tin nor is there a federal tax stamp present. the bottle inside is to hold 16 fluid oz.8&1/4 in. tall and 4 in. wide. the tin has a rounded shape. On the front is a diamond with a log cabin . under that the words OLD LOG CABIN in black followed by the word (in red) Bourbon (then back to Black ) Whiskey. double copper distilled matured in charred Oak casks in heated warehouse houses 50% by Volume /100% proof (American standard} "Distillers Corporation Limited" distillery #6 Port #10d Montreal Canada. and Bottled in Bond under government supervision 16 fluid oz.. On the back A Litho on THE back cars appear to be from the 20's But that Is the tin. on each side of the litho The Plant behind the product. On the side are the words "Perfect protection package insures agents fraud the contents of this package are genuine.

Old Charter - Glue with a horse farm.

Old Grand Dad - this one has a photo-type snow scene with a horse pulling a sleigh with Christmas tree on back; not really Christmassy, but very winter looking - in white letters under the horse/sleigh "The Spirit Of America"

Old Grand Kentucky Straight Bourbon - coffin shape, looks like it made of granite; has statue of bust on front, but it is old granddad. One of my favorites. This tin is made by Barringer, Waller and Manners in England - the company that makes the Jack Daniels tins

Rene Junot gift tin - gray with hinged top; held 3 bottles.

Rolling Rock, green with blue and white - gold lid 

ROMERO BRITTO "CREME DE GRAND MARNIER" LIQUEUR TIN. This colorful tin was designed in 1990 for Grand Marnier Liqueur. Romero Britto also did designs for Absolute Vodka and others. Overall H: 9 1/4"; Sq:4 1/2". Romereo Britto originally from South America now makes his home in Miami where he has a Gallery on fashionable Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, Florida. This tin currently retails without the Liqueur for $150.00 (?) Signed and copyrighted: Romero Britto C 1990.

Ryan's Cream, landscape picture around entire tin, cover has a cross with a clover cut out of the middle, hinged, "Container Made in England" printed on UPC paper label on bottom ,  4 1/8 x 4 1/8 x 10 3/8.

Ryan's Cream, cartoonish globe picture around tin, mostly blue and green with gold lines, flat corners, hinged, "Container Made in England" printed on UPC paper label on bottom ,  4 1/8 x 4 1/8 x 10 3/8.

Ruffino - Painting on front and back, 2nd in series commissioned by Ruffino. "Al Fresco".

Ruffino - 4th in series of illustrations; this one hand drawn with map of Tuscany and two people presenting a toast.

Rumple Minze - Dark brown with gold letters and trim - says Peppermint Schnapps - "White Magic from the Black Forest" in white.

Sambuca Molinari - hinged lid; black with red painted on ribbon and bow.

Opal Nera Sambuca - black coffin; looks like veins are funning through it.

Sambuca from Galliano - blue round tall thin canister.

Lazzaroni Sambuca 1851 - lightest blue; tall square with slip-off lid - has picture of bottle on one side.

San Francisco Cookies ' Cream, San Francisco Products Company - one of the prettiest liquor tins out there. It is light blue with a San Francisco scene on it. It shows the cable car from the front with people on it and the Golden Gate bridge in the background. It is a tall square shaped with the corners cut off - not really octagonal.

San Francisco Cookies 'n Cream, San Francisco Products Company - another really spectacular ones. This one has a lot of blue and a picture of the Golden Gate Bridge suspended over the bay, lid has what looks like an embossed Oreo cookie with the Golden Gate Bridge on it, 4  1/4 x 10 3/8.

Sauza Tequila - Tall hinged with the word Sauza repeated all around in embossed print; all gold and antique looking - $4.00

Sauza Tequila - coffin; brownish at top and gold at bottom. Has guy in white in large oriental hat working with a farm implement of some type (hoe?) and plant. Looks like he is digging it up maybe.

Schmitt Sohne Winery - has Castle of Neuschwanstein on 2 sides (castle at Disneyland modeled after this one) - peaked roof

Southern Comfort liquor box. It is 11 1/8 x 11 1/8 x 3 3/4" big. It was manufactured by Hudson-Scott & sons, Ldt. the manufacturers of tin boxes since 1186, in Carlisle, England, gift tin - large square - red with cups and glasses in gold. Some green.

St. Brendan's Irish Cream Liqueur Tin, 3" deep, 6" wide, 9 1/2" tall - deep brown w/gold lettering - tin made in England

Saint Brendan's Superior Irish Cream Liquor - Tin is gift pack shape - brown with off-white lettering. Some gold trim.

Syolichnaya Imported Russian Vodka - all gold, - tall cylinder.

Stolichnaya Imported Russian Vodka - really neat. Its a tall cylinder designed to look like an American flag waving in the breeze. All in red white and blue with blue lid.

Tanqueray Gin - gift size cylinder tin with horses and stagecoach on front

Teacher's Scotch - lots of rust and orange colors in a geometric-type pattern.

Tia Maria Blue Mountain Blend Coffee Liqueur - copper and gold older one.

Tia Maria Blue Mountain Blend Coffee Liqueur - bright colors, mostly blue water, a little yellow, then goes to bright pink- lid is pink, UPC paper label on bottom, number 09BA\034\75\R0 printed on bottom,  4 1/2 x 9/7/8.

Tia Maria  Blue Mountain Blend Coffee Liqueur - bright colors, lots of pinks, tall palm trees all around, lid is yellow, band around bottom is yellow. Very different from one above - display well together, round, UPC paper label on bottom, 4 1/2 x 9 7/8.

Tuaca - tall square with hinged lid; different copper and gold tone embossing all-over, lots of different embossed scenes.

Vini Corvo - gift pack, black oval with red band.

Waterford Cream - This is a hinged lid in brown with gold squiggly trim. It has Ashforrd castle on the front, Oughterard Castle and Dromoland Castle on one side, Blarney Castle and Rock of Cashel on the other side and the back has company history, flat corners, "Container Made in England" printed on UPC paper label on bottom ,  5 3/8 W x 4 1/8D x 10 1/2H.

White Horse coffin - green

White Horse coffin - brown/orange

Wild Turkey - cream color coffin.

William Grants - Tin is flat rectangles - held miniature collection. Dark green with picture of William Grant in center and two smaller pictures; one on each side of Grant .


Jack Daniel's hinged lid No. 7 tin measures approximately 8" across, 10 1/4" long and 3 3/4" deep. It has the customary letter in it about "Why I box my goods in tin." The tin originally held the bottle and two shot glasses, red liner in the tin.

"THE GLENLIVET AGED 12 YEARS SINGLE MALT SCOTCH WHISKY." Distilled in Scotland by George & J.G. Smith, The Glenlivet Distillery - Scotland. It is decorated with the "CLASSIC GOLF COURSES "Muirfield" OF SCOTLAND." The bottom is marked "MANUFACTURED BY BARRINGER WALLIS AND MANNERS (MAKERS OF TIN BOXES SINCE 1890)!" On one side of the tin can is "the evolution of clubs and balls." On another side of it is "Muirfield's Golf Course." Once opened up, there is a picture of George Smith (Founder Of The Glenlivet Distillery 1792-1871) and the story.



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